No, you can’t really put the 40 series Torque Converter on the Predator 212 without making a few modifications. Because the Predator 212 has a ¾ inches shaft, whereas your drive clutch of the forty series Torque Converter has bore sizes 7/8 inches and 1 inch.

However, you can make a few modifications to the engine’s shaft to fit in the 40 series Torque Converter. You can put the 3/4-1 inches Shaft Adapter on your engine for technically converting your engine from ¾ inches to a 1-inch shaft and make use of the 1-inch bore-sized forty series Torque converter. If you have not yet purchased a Torque Converter yet, purchase a 30-series torque converter. They fit effortlessly on the Predator 212.

Modified Predator 212:

If you have modified the Predator 212 and are now concerned that the 30 series can’t handle the engine, that’s a totally comprehensible concern. Since the thirty series Torque Converter is rated for engines up to eight hp, however, appending a forty series is not the best way, but a thirty series Torque converter will limit the top speed. So what’s the fix?

For the modified engines, you ought to either buy the 30 series Juggernaut Torque Converters or, even better, exchange the original bronze spacer bushing with the denser steel spacers on the normal 30 series; it’ll remove the limit set by the thirty series torque converter.

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