Imagine how boring, irritating, and time-taking a go-kart can be without any powerful engine. Even safety will be a huge concern for a low-profile engine.

In that situation, the go-kart can overheat, stop, or cause internal damage while taking a fast turn. Choosing the top torque converter for your go-kart can be one of the most effective fixes for avoiding all such hassles and challenges.

The torque converter will assist you in taking complete control of the go-kart based on the situation. But when the market keeps numerous choices for you, picking the correct torque converter is really a difficult job. Do not worry, dear.

We’ll assist you in picking the top torque converter that boosts the go-kart speed and riding efficiency.

How Can I Pick The Best Torque Converter For Go-Kart?

If you’re new to making a homemade go-kart using the torque converter, you need to learn a lot of things. Here, we provide a buying guide by comprising each aspect you ought to contemplate when picking the correct device.

Let’s begin!

Quality Material:

The torque converter’s quality relies on the materials that are utilized when making it.

As the tool is created for easing the go-kart’s movement and taking heavyweight loads, the construction material has to be durable.

Otherwise, when the pulley system and belt produce high heat for the crankshaft spins, it’ll hurt, break, or get damaged.

Here, the tool made with iron or aluminum or the perfect blending of aluminum and iron can ensure quality and productivity. So you ought to first look into the materials.

Engine’s Horsepower:

After checking its materials, you have to pay attention to the engine’s horsepower. If you do not know the horsepower definition, do not worry. We’ll describe it to you.

Basically, the performance of the engine is measured or counted by horsepower.

First of all, check the engine’s hp from the label and then choose the torque converter that matches the suggested horsepower. Mostly, three to eight-hp engines require a 30-series torque converter.

Do not forget to cross-check the company-suggested hp torque converter before ordering yours for avoiding any hassle or confusion.

Number Of Tools:

A torque converter isn’t just a single tool that you can attach to the go-kart. In fact, it’s a set of tools. If you’ve got a single tool lacking, you can’t set it and get the expected performance.

So you ought to know the number and name of tools that a torque converter package comprises. For convenience, here we attach them.

  • Belt Guard
  • Driver Pulley
  • Mounting hardware
  • Aluminum Back-plate
  • Driven Pulley
  • Drive Belt
  • Ten-tooth and twelve-tooth Sprockets

Gear Ratio:

Selecting the correct gear ratio is another vital part of choosing the torque converter. You can measure the gear ratio by doing some simple math.

Simply divide the driven wheel’s tooth by the driver wheel’s tooth to determine the gear ratio.

So, now you might think why you ought to give significance to the gear ratio. Because by knowing it, you can guess how fast your engine responds when the transmission rotates.

That is why you can handle your go-kart efficiently to avoid slipping or losing speed.


The speed of the torque converter is calculated by RPM (revolutions per minute). When the torque converter begins to provide power to your engine, it rotates for running your go-kart.

There’s a maximum and minimum RPM limit for a torque converter. So relying on the needs, you ought to pick it. You can pick a roughly 2350 RPM torque converter to get the best performance.


You’ll locate diverse price ranges of the go-kart torque converters. So getting confused isn’t uncommon. But if you previously set a budget before doing any research, you can simply pick the best product within the budget.

Simple Installation Procedure:

Everything is perfect, but you cannot install them with the go-kart. Does that append any value? Most probably not.

So you ought to contemplate the simple installation system of the torque converter for saving effort, time, and energy.

It’ll be better if the torque converter manufacturer provides clear directions in the user manual about the installation process. As a result, you can go with it for attaching the device to your go-kart.

What’s A Torque Converter?

A torque converter is a device that you’ll attach to the go-kart instead of the clutch. It functions by fluid coupling transmission and the force of the driven and driving gear.

The driver gear will assist you in peaking the highest speed of the go-kart, and the driven gear will assist you in reaching the hills and slow driving.

As a result, you’ll stay safe while driving the kart on rough and uneven terrain.

What Does A Torque Converter Do For The Go-Kart?

As mechanical equipment, a torque converter is really popular over the manual clutch. It has 2 variable transmission pulleys having almost 2350 RPM speeds.

Basically, it’s placed beside your engine, and the 2 pulleys function based on the driving belt movement. The driven pulley sets up the jackshaft of the kart with the sprockets and back axle chains.

You can enjoy a lot of advantages by connecting a torque converter to the go-kart. Let’s see what the torque converter does for the go-kart.

  • It can get to 2350 RPM speed for boosting driving productivity and efficiency.
  • It functions through a fluid coupling transmission system, and you do not have to give a lot of manual pressure for driving the go-kart.
  • It’s very difficult to take full control of a kart using the manual clutch. In the majority of situations, a new kart driver cannot efficiently do so. But when you have the torque converter, you can simply drive the go-kart. No matter if you’re a beginner or professional go-kart driver.
  • The two pulleys separately function for slow and fast driving. That is why you’ll stay safe during the ride without the risk of go-kart flipping for fast stopping.

What Size Torque Converter Do I Require For The Go-Kart?

If you pick the wrong size torque converter, then you cannot fit it with the kart.

So you have to select the correct size tool for the homemade or replace the existing kart manual centrifugal clutch.

You’ll locate diverse sizes of torque converters in the market. The sizes are actually defined by series. Like:

20-Series Torque Converter:

If the engine of your go-kart is small in size and has less than eight horsepower, you can simply select the 20 series torque converter.

It has a ¾ inches and 5/8 inches shaft diameter with 6 inches and 7 inches driven clutches.

This converter cannot generate high speed because of the conventional symmetrical belt. So it’ll be a good option for lawn tractors or off-road karts.

30-Series Torque Converter:

It’s a common, popular, and worthwhile size that fits the majority of go-kart engines.

It highly fits with three to eight-horsepower engines, and the engagement range is about 2150-2550 RPM. It has both 12 and 10 sizes of tooth sprockets for attaching with the #40/41 and #35 chains.

It has an asymmetrical belt and functions with the spring mechanism. And it has a ¾ inches top width with one side flat design. So its chain will not come out while running.

40-Series Torque Converter:

The biggest size denotes a 40 series torque converter is suggested for more than ten horsepower engines. The accessible 40 series torque converter fits your engines; those are a min: of eight hp and a max of 25 hp. So you can choose this series for the LTV, ATV, or off-road kart.

It has respectively ¾ inches, 1-inch, and 1 1/8 inches diameter drive clutches and 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches, and 7/8 inches diameter driven clutches. That is why its last output ratio is 1:1.

How To Install The Torque Converter?

Now, we know you can simply pick the correct torque converter for the go-kart. But, buying isn’t the end of the work. You need to install it.

So let’s find out the installation procedure of a torque converter. Before going to the main installation, you’ll be ready with two separate wrenches for shaft screws and mounting.

Step#1: Opening The Box And Organizing The Equipment

You’ll get a lot of small and big parts in a torque converter box. Unbox it and lay out all the components on a flat surface in an organized manner so that you can simply find out the needed tools while working.

Step#2: Installing The Driver And Driven Pulley

First of all, check out the chain size for choosing the fitted chain between twelve-tooth sprockets and ten-tooth sprockets.

Now, connect the driver pulley and the driven pulley over the Jackshaft. Do not forget to utilize the key washer for securing the attachment.

Lastly, install the screws and nuts firmly using a wrench for ensuring their safety. Now, when you utilize the torque converter, you’ll get the best performance, and the attachment will not come out because of loose installation.

Step#3: Installing The Mounting Plate

Now, you need to install the mounting plate beside your go-kart engine. Get the mounting plate and the four bolts.

Now, put the plate over the driven and drive pulley and connect the bolts tightly for perfectly secure the plate.

Step#4: Installing The Plastic Cover

You’re done with the main torque converter installation. Here, you ought to simply attach the cover over the mounting plate for protecting it from off-road go-karting sand, dust, and dirt.

You’ll get four screws in the box for installing the cover. Secure two of such screws on top and two at the bottom of the cover.

The Bottom Line:

Now, we’re coming to the end of the buying guide of the top torque converter for go-karts. Before finalizing the next torque converter, we recommend you determine your requirements. It’ll assist you in avoiding a lot of complications.