When it comes to the best speed, there are generally three things that control it in Go-karts and mini-bikes, they are, Engine’s rpm, Tire size, and Gear ratio. A stock Coleman CT200U actually comes with a 10:1 gear ratio, 3600 as max RPM, and has a nineteen inches tire diameter.

When it comes to determining just how fast a Coleman CT200U can go, there are several key factors that play a pivotal role in unleashing its speed potential.

The Coleman CT200U, a beloved mini bike, boasts a stock configuration with a 10:1 gear ratio, a maximum engine RPM of 3600, and is equipped with sizeable nineteen-inch tires. Now, if you’re wondering about its speed capabilities, this mini bike can hit speeds of around 20 mph straight out of the box.

However, if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush and want to make your Coleman mini bike go faster, there are ways to do so.

By optimizing the engine’s RPM, tweaking the gear ratio, and considering tire size upgrades, it’s entirely possible to push the Coleman CT200U to reach speeds of up to 23 mph or even around 25 mph with some modifications.

But that’s not where the excitement ends; with the right enhancements and adjustments, some enthusiastic riders have reported achieving speeds of up to 30 miles per hour on their Coleman mini bikes.

So, whether you’re aiming for a casual cruise at 20 mph or a thrilling ride at 30 mph, the Coleman CT200U offers a fantastic platform to do so, giving you the power to control just how fast your adventure can go!"

Top Speed:


Therefore, hypothetically, the stock Coleman CT200U actually comes with a top speed of twenty mph. But, yes, that’s a theoretical value, and in fact, there are many slippages, and the driver’s weight is also a significant factor; practically, the stock Coleman CT200U’s top speed is between nineteen to twenty-two mph.

What Engine Does The Coleman CT200U Come With?

As you may know, the engine is what actually powers the mini-bike or any other electric-powered or gas-powered vehicle. Therefore, it’s the main factor in defining how fast the mini-bike can really go.

The Coleman CT200U makes use of a Hisun 196cc motor that generates 6.5hp power and is actually governor restricted to thirty-six hundred rpm out of the box. It is very similar to the hundred dollar predator 212 engine but with a little less displacement. One main difference is the shaft size; the Hisun 196cc motors have a 5/8 inches shaft in place of a ¾ inches shaft that’s actually common in the other small engines.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Coleman CT200U Without Governor?

Originally, the CT200U had a throttle stop screw and a governor that actually limits a mini-bike from exceeding twenty mph or thirty-six hundred rpm. The throttle limiter screw stops you from going complete throttle; the screw is welded, so you’ll have to grind it using a Dremel.

Taking out the throttle screw will get the Coleman CT200U to twenty-five mph (give or take two to three mph, relying on the weight). The governor in the engine limits your engine just to make thirty-six hundred rpm at maximum. If you take out the governor, the engine can potentially generate up to 4500 to 5000 rpm.

Taking out the governor will make the top speed of Coleman CT200U thirty mph (give or take two to three mph, relying on the weight). You can easily disable the governor by either entirely removing the governor gear or utilizing a zip tie for zipping the spring that brings it into action. You can simply locate a step-by-step guide for both ways on YouTube. It is not really difficult to do and charges you nothing.

Note: Engine parts like Billet rod and Flywheel can fail at the high RPM, which can be hazardous; it is suggested to upgrade to a billet flywheel and a billet rod once you take out the governor.

How Fast Does A Coleman CT200U Go?

How Can You Make A Coleman CT200U Quicker?

Aside from taking out the governor, there’re many modification parts accessible for Coleman CT200U that can be located on OMBWarehouse and GoPowerSports.

  • Torque Converter:

Definitely, the simplest way of gaining speed is swapping out the clutch for a thirty-series torque convertor. You would not have to do any internal grind on the engine for that.

What Will A Torque Converter do?

The Coleman CT200U has a clutch that’s actually geared at 10:1. So if the engine is spinning at thirty-six hundred rpm, the wheels can just rotate at three hundred and sixty rpm. If you desire to go even quicker, you’ll essentially have the wheels whirling faster.

Just changing the gear ratio with the clutch still on is not a great idea either. Why? Because the mini-bike has nineteen inches wheels, it needs the torque that’s given by 10:1 gearing. If you upsurge the gearing with the clutch, the clutch will fail.

The torque converter resolves this issue; a mini-bike with the torque converter does not come with a secure gear ratio. The torque converter works in such a manner that the gearing is high at high speed and low at low speed. Therefore providing a good take-off speeding up and a higher top speed. A mini-bike top speed with the torque converter will rely on the sprocket utilized.

You ought to be capable of achieving a 6:1 gear ratio at the top end without doing much damage to its torque converter. That gear ratio will get your mini-bike to go at forty-two mph without a governor and thirty-five mph with a governor.

Note: The majority of thirty series Torque converters accessible in the market have a ¾ inches driver bore. CT200 these days have a 5/8 inches shaft, and older versions are utilized for having a ¾ inches shaft (measure yours to be certain).

If you have a 5/8 inches shaft, then make it unquestionable to either purchase a torque converter that comes with a 5/8 inches driver or gets a ¾ inches crankshaft for the engine. Installation tutorials are accessible on the GoPowerSports YouTube channel; they also provide a torque converter with the 5/8 inches driver.

  • Internal Engine Mods:

Gearing accurately and utilizing a torque converter can take you to a definite limit, but if you desire to go crazy on speed, you will have to have an even more powerful engine. You can either buy a new engine that generates more power or modify the stock engine.

Many individuals get a hundred dollars for predator 212 if they are planning on alterations; that’s because of the huge number of choices for performance parts accessible for predator 212. A stock Coleman CT200U engine also comes with many performance parts accessible online, generally on GPS and OMBWarehouse.

You can go as high as sixty-five hundred to seven thousand rpm with the performance components; if you match that with a torque converter with top-end 6:1 gearing, the top speed can be as great as seventy mph. Please note that you really don’t have to be reaching such high speeds; it can be unsafe for you. The thirty to forty mph top speed with a great take-off offered by the torque converters is fun and safe; we suggest not making any broad mods.

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