It is a common thing amongst go-kart racers to desire to go faster.

The faster, the better. However, numerous of such racers do not know how they can do so, particularly the newbies. If it sounds like you, then do not be anxious.

At the end of this guide, you will have some hacks and tricks up the sleeves that will make you go faster.

You ought to keep reading to know more about making the Ninebot Electric Go Kart faster.

There are some methods you can use to make the Ninebot Go Kart Pro faster. The simplest method is to increase the speed limit.

To do so, make use of the mobile app to change the speed mode from Safety Mode to any other higher mode you like.

Can Ninebot Go Kart Be Made Faster?

A lot of Ninebot Kart users wonder whether or not these Karts can go faster. Well, yes, they actually can. If the Ninebot Go Kart was slow from day one, it could denote it is still in locked mode.

The companies frequently do so to comply with local laws and regulations regarding transportation devices.

  • To remove the Ninebot Electric Go Kart from the locked or restricted mode, you will have to connect the go-kart to the mobile application.
  • Next, make a profile and then unlock the diverse speed modes. You can link the mobile application to Go Kart using Bluetooth.

That will show the driving speed and functions like cruising range and real-time reminders.

You ought not to forget to see the user manual and the tutorial videos for the new riders available in the mobile application before test-driving Ninebot’s Go Kart.

How Can You Make Ninebot Go Kart Faster? (Step-By-Step)

If you are wondering how to make the Ninebot Go Kart Pro go faster, here is a step-by-step guide.

Step#1: Downloading The Segway-Ninebot Application

  • The first thing to do when you desire to make the Ninebot Go Kart faster is actually to install the mobile application.
  • You can install the Segway-Ninebot application using any one of the following methods below:
  1. Scan the Segway-Ninebot application QR code in the user manual.
  2. Install the application from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store for iPhone or Android users.
  • For the connection to work, the mobile device requires Android 4.3 or later, Bluetooth 4.0 or later, or iOS system 8.0 or later.

Step#2: Pairing The Ninebot’s Go Kart With The Mobile Device

  • First of all, turn the mobile phone’s Bluetooth on.
  • Turn on the Kart utilizing the power button.
  • Then, open the mobile application and search for Ninebot’s Go Kart.
  • When you locate it, connect to it.

Step#3: Adjusting The Speed

  • Once you’ve successfully connected your mobile app to Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro, navigate to the gear icon > tap on the Speed Settings option.
  • After that, push the speed limit’s slider bar to the max setting.
  • You can also change its speed mode setting.
  • Double tapping or swiftly tapping the power button switches your device between the diverse speed modes.

Note that the faster the speed mode you utilize, the faster the battery drains.

Also, a few models might need an added external battery so that the driving device can get to the max speed.

How Fast Can The Ninebot Go Kart Really Go?

How fast the Ninebot Kart can go relies on the speed mode setting.

However, the Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro’s speed limit is about 37 km per hour. The reversing speed limit is about three km per hour. This drifting go-kart has 4-speed modes, comprising:

Speed Mode Max Speed
&ECO Mode 8 km per hour
STRADA Mode 18 km per hour
SPORT mode 28 km per hour
CORSA Mode 37 km per hour

The ECO Mode is the default New Safety Mode or Rider Mode and is the slowest. The STRADA mode is the Regular or Normal Mode. The CORSA Mode is also known as the Race Mode.

You ought to just choose a suitable speed mode compatible with your driving skill, your age, and that of your friends and family members.

For alternating between the diverse speed modes, you can make use of the mobile application and set the speed mode you desire or rapidly tap the power button.

That’ll toggle the diverse speed modes until you reach the one you want the most. You ought to finish all the driving tutorials and exercises before you try to make the Go Kart faster.

When you’re skilled in driving safely, you ought to just try to increase the speed limit. You can do all the exercises and tutorials using the mobile application.

Do not forget to wear the Ninebot Go Kart Kit before every use.

Ninebot Go Kart Pro Speed Hack:

As with other drifting go-karts, there are certain hacks and tricks you can use for making the Ninebot’s Go Kart go faster.

Here are some speed hacks for the Ninebot Go Kart Pro:

Ensuring The Ninebot’s Go Kart Is Not In The Safety Mode:

When you purchase the Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro, it frequently comes in the Safety Mode, the slowest mode. This mode runs at eight km per hour. Changing it to the higher-speed mode ought to be the first-speed hack to try. The companies put it in this mode for providing safety for the new riders.

You can simply adjust the speed mode as you finish the driving exercises and tutorial and become more skillful in driving. Change it from the New Rider or Safety Mode to the higher level.

For doing so, make use of the mobile application or double-tap on the power button on your screen. That will toggle between the speed modes to choose the one you are an expert in handling.

Fully Charging The Battery To 100%:

The max speed you can operate relies on the battery level of the Kart. While the motor power and battery are important in determining the speed factors, the charge level is also vital.

As you make use of the go-kart, the battery voltage goes down as the charge decreases. This action causes a fall in the performance level of Go Kart.

Throughout use, when the Kart’s battery charge is close to empty, it triggers the power-saving mode so that the power is conserved.

This mode limits the max speed you can run on and the performance level of the Go Kart.

For that reason, always make sure that the Ninebot’s Go Kart charges completely (100 percent) before using. That way, it gives you the max speed and performance.

If you do not know the detailed charging duration for the go-kart, check out the user manual under the charging section.

Turning Off The Other Features That Drain The Battery:

For maximizing the Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro’s speed, you ought to conserve the battery. Functions such as leaving the lights on can drain the battery tremendously. That denotes you would not enjoy the max speed for long periods.

For that reason, when you do not require the lights of the go-kart, like in a well-lit neighborhood or during the day, you ought to switch them off. That applies to the different other power-draining functions too.

Changing The Battery:

If you have had the Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro for some years, a great pro tip is actually to change it for the new one. Try to change the battery every 2-3 years. That is because the capacity of the battery drops with time, affecting the overall performance.

Decreasing The Carrying Load:

When the Ninebot Go Kart Pro carries a lot of weight, it will not go fast. The lighter the weight, the faster it runs. Therefore, optimize the weight of the go-kart during every driving session to maximize its speed.

What Is The Max Speed Of Ninebot Go Kart?

The Ninebot’s Kart Pro has 4-speed modes and different max speed limits. The Ninebot’s Kart Pro’s speed limit is about 37 km per hour. The reversing speed limit is about 3 km per hour.

Consult the table given earlier for the different speed modes and the corresponding max speed limits.


The Ninebot’s Go Kart Pro is really amazing for its drifting features. However, one other thing it is known for is its speed.

With a max speed mode of 37 km per hour, this drifting go-kart is the speed king. But you can’t access this speed mode right away.

That’s because it frequently comes in the Safety speed mode. Also, you will have to finish the driving exercises and tutorial for unlocking the max speed of this go-kart completely.

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