Okay, let’s face it; karting can really be an investment. This complete activity has a costly streak which is perhaps why individuals associate this sport with affluence. Nonetheless, there are a few methods of going around its total cost.

But first, How much do go-karts really cost? The average price for a kart is between 400 dollars to 3,500 dollars. And that is only for brand-new karts. The actual cost relies on the kind of go-kart you desire.

Looking for speed on a budget? Go-kart enthusiasts can rev up their engines with options ranging from a wallet-friendly minimum of $200 to $500 or go all out with top-notch models priced around $5,000.

With heart-pounding races at just $12 per person for 5 minutes, and weekday specials at $7.00 per guest, the thrill of the track is within reach for everyone from the casual speed-seeker to the serious adrenaline junkie

If you are set to purchase a racing kart, then expect to invest more than buying the off-road kart. If you decide to build one on your own, the total price will rely on a lot of things like additional parts, material quality, etc. Nonetheless, the surge of kart companies and individual parts makes selecting the appropriate go-kart for your style and requirement even more difficult. But with good criteria and standards, it can be easy. And we are here to do just that.

How Much Does Go-Karting Really Cost?

Karting as a competitive sport costs approximately at least 10,000 dollars. It’s if you’re bootstrapping. However, as you might have discovered by now, you’ll need to invest more than that to stand out in the professional competition.

Kart races are just like a parade of costly top-quality karts, not to mention the addition of other needed safety equipment and protective gear like a tracksuit and helmet. Top-kart racers invest about 50,000 dollars a year. However, it’s worth stating that such racers also make large sums of cash.

Hence, their costs are just like a drop in the ocean. Conversely, if you’re just starting to learn motorsport or simply go-karting for fun, you do not really need to invest this much cash. Instead, begin with a dependable go-kart. But first, you need to choose which kind you ought to get. Check out the costs for diverse kart types below.


Price Of The Go-Karts Based On The Type:

Pedal Go-Karts:

These karts are mainly intended for children, so they’re the cheapest ones. You can locate one in stores or online for as low as a hundred dollars. But you can anticipate less from this cost in terms of difficulty. Nonetheless, the average price of a decent pedal kart is between 150 dollars to 250 dollars. Now, you might ask, how about pedal karts for adults? Are they accessible?

Well, pedal karts are created for riders aged four to twelve. It is pretty uncommon to locate such karts with adult equivalents except for those utilized in recreational parks because of the low demand for motorsport vehicles.

Best Seller (Pedal)

Best Seller (Pedal) Gokart Hauck Lightning - Pedal Go Kart

  • This Pedal Kart offers a genuine driving experience and permits the driver to control the speed.
  • Lightning is created to be the ideal pedal go-kart for young drivers and can be utilized for riding both outdoors and indoors.
  • Race-inspired pedals, eight ball style hand brake, rubber wheels, steel tube powder-coat frame, and three-point sporty steering wheel.
  • The ergonomic, custom seat is adjustable and comes with a high backrest for a safe and comfortable sitting position.
  • It encourages physical activity and builds endurance, strength, and coordination.
  • Always ready to go, never have to be anxious about batteries that need charging.

However, you can still buy a pedal kart, but it’ll charge more, roughly at least 450 dollars. An example of a pedal kart for adults is the Two Dots Go-kart Kit Outdoor Pedal Go-kart.

Hoverboard Go-Karts:

Hoverboard karts, complete with all the parts, will cost between 300 dollars to 500 dollars per kit. Unlike other kinds of karts, this one is made of 2 different items. You’ve got the actual hoverboard and the conversion kit or seat attachment. Hoverboards by themselves cost between 100 dollars to 700 dollars relying on the material quality and brand.

Conversely, the conversion or attachment kit would cost you around 65 dollars to 150 dollars. But, again, it’d rely on the make and brand. With such cost ranges, you can secure a dependable hoverboard kart kit for around 200 dollars.

Outdoor Fun For All Ages:

  • Durable go-kart frame
  • Ultimate control
  • Built-in seat shock absorber
  • Quick installation and portable & foldable
  • Completely compatible with all the latest hoverboards on the market

Off-Road Go-Karts:

Unlike the pedal kart, these go-karts are far more difficult. Therefore, they can be costlier and would need higher maintenance. The average price of an off-road kart is between 1,000 dollars to 2,000 dollars.

The size, the number of seating, and the materials’ quality mainly determine the actual cost of such karts. Naturally, the larger the vehicle, the costlier it’d be. Bigger off-road karts can cost double as much as the regular ones.

That’s because they come with a heftier chassis and engine. Plus, they’ve a complex transmission system and a more extended body frame. So, if you want a more formidable off-road kart, you’ll need to prepare a budget of about 4,000 dollars to 5,000 dollars.

Our Pick (Off-Road):

  • The 4-point safety harness and bolstered seat will keep you locked in behind its wheel
  • Suggested for ages thirteen and over
  • Suggested for riders up to 150lbs.
  • Four-stroke OHV one cylinder; 98cc/3.0hp completely automatic engine
  • Durable
  • A kill switch ensures an easy and quick power off
  • Heavy-duty padded roll cage for additional security

Electric Go-Karts:

There’s been a surge in the popularity of electric karts over the years. Professional go-kart racers have taken a fondness for such innovative karts over their traditional gas-powered ones. So, you can just imagine the demand impact on its cost.

Roughly, the average cost for the electric kart is between 10,000 dollars to 12,000 dollars. While it might seem like a lot of cash, the price justifies the kart’s performance. That’s why racers frequently aim for electric karts, as the engine assures a faster and smooth ride on the trail.

Our Pick Electric:

  • Dual communication technology and triple anti-collision protection for increased safety
  • High-strength steel frame that can take a payload of up to 220 lbs
  • The rear-wheel-drive and rear engine are set up like supercars
  • Top speed of twenty-three mph and 15.5 miles range within a single charge
  • The manual handbrake can be utilized when drifting
  • Adjustable steering wheel height and frame length

Gasoline-Powered Go-Karts:

Although electric karts have overshadowed the customary gasoline-powered ones, you can still locate the latter in the market. You can purchase karts with gas-type engines for around 1,500 dollars to 2,500 dollars.

Such karts are amazing starter vehicles contemplating their much lower cost than the electric ones. But if you get into the competition circuit, you’ll still need to upgrade to catch up with the quality of karting on the racing trail.

What Determines The Price Of A Go-Kart?

The extensive range of kart costs is because of the variety in size, type, mileage, components, and brand. Naturally, a kart with high-quality, heavy-duty materials is costlier than the standard go-kart utilized in residential areas or recreational parks. So, it is vital to decide how you desire to make use of the go-kart. Check out how such factors influence the price of go-karts.

  • Brand:

Long-established kart companies have the benefit of creating their reputation in the business. Nonetheless, history alone doesn’t justify go-kart costs in the market. Respected companies also depend on their performance, innovative design, technological advancement, and safety features for more sales.

Therefore, if you choose renowned go-kart brands popular in the competitive racing circuit, you’ll need to anticipate investing more. For instance, if you desire a Top Kart USA kart or Birel ART, you will require a budget of approximately 2,500 dollars to over 5,000 dollars.

  • Size:

It is pretty much expected that larger karts cost more than smaller go-karts. Again, it’s reasonably likely since they need a larger engine, more materials, and extra seating.

  • Type:

As mentioned earlier, the price of karts relies mainly on the kind you desire to buy. Kids’ karts are more inexpensive than the ones intended for adults; the former is smaller and has simpler parts.

Instead, adult karts require heavy-duty materials and are frequently created for rigorous use. Similarly, the terrain in which the karts are utilized also contributes to the kind of go-kart quality and its cost.

For instance, karts for off-road usage will require sturdier material, knowing full well that the hurdles on the terrain are rough. And consequently, it costs more than karts utilized indoors or on an established trail.

  • Purpose:

Contemplating how significant a kart investment is, it’s wiser to be firm with the purpose first so you can competently allot a reasonable budget. For instance, if you just desire it for fun or as a gift for family and friends, you can play safe with the regular karts close to what can be located on the recreational trails.

Conversely, if you want to become a professional racer, that’s where the tune begins to take a higher note. Racing karts are essentially costlier. So, it needs commitment and a set of skills similar to the demands of sports if you desire such babies. It is an investment. But you might get the cash’s worth once you begin winning competitions.

  • Materials:

There’s no doubt that the material quality elevates a go-kart’s cost or any other thing for that matter. While toy karts are made of numerous materials, comprising metal framing or rugged plastic, professional karts frequently have low-alloy steel as the framing. Others use low-carbon steel.

Such materials ensure tensile durability and strength against the pressure on the racing trail. However, steel is not really a cheap material, at least not the kind utilized in kart chassis and framing. So, the more it is utilized in the kart, the costlier the kart is.


It is pretty much understood that used karts are more inexpensive than brand-new ones. Naturally, there is already the mileage that pretty much summarizes the vehicle’s usage; and the higher its mileage, the higher the risk for sustained major or minor damage. Therefore, an inexpensive second-hand go-kart doesn’t really denote an outstanding purchase. But, in the end, quality is still better than the bargain.


The more folks who fit in the kart, the pricier it can become. Extra seating entails extra weight. With that, more materials are appended, and a higher durability level is needed. Similarly, a 2-seater kart goes out of the customary design, which just includes a single seat. So, you’ll be basically paying for the upgrade.


Recreational karts frequently make use of foot and hand brakes. However, professional racing karts mostly come with disc brakes. Such a braking system can either be connected to the front or rear wheels. But in a few karts, disc brakes are located in both.

So naturally, if you select a kart with disc brakes, you are essentially investing more, but it is for good reasons anyway. The disc brake system is a vital part of the racing kart chassis. Unlike a foot or hand brake, you get even more control when utilizing the disc brake.

However, you also need to be cautious when evaluating kart brakes, as the racing screening committee controls them. So, it is excellent to check first with the class requirement before choosing which go-kart to purchase.

  • Engine:

The kind of engine affects the go-kart’s performance. Hence, you can expect that the higher the bigger its engine volume, the higher the cost. However, when contemplating the engine, you need to ensure that it follows the regulations of the racing class. That’s if you’re looking for a racing kart.

Engine volume is decided by the cubic centimeters or cc. The higher the cc, the more horsepower its engine can produce. With adult karts, the engine is frequently at 200cc, while kids’ karts frequently have a 120 cc engine.

How Much Do Kids’ Karts Cost?

Kids’ go-karts cost between 85 dollars to 250 dollars. However, they’re relatively inexpensive than the karts adults utilize. Mostly because the materials utilized are smaller and fewer, and the engine is either non-existent or not as compound as that of the racing kart.

Obviously, pedal-powered karts for children have lower costs than gas or electric-powered ones. Nevertheless, before you check out the price of the go-kart, the first thing you need to contemplate is the age-appropriateness of the toy vehicle. If the kid is still really young, just choose the pedal go-kart. It’ll suit their formative development in terms of mental skills and physicality.

How Much Do Racing Go-Karts Cost?

Racing karts can cost approximately about 2,500 dollars to 5,000 dollars. And these are middle-grade models from well-known manufacturers. However, the high-end karts that top racers utilize are frequently priced at 10,000 dollars and above. With this cost, you can anticipate insane performances that major kart competitors show throughout the race.

Nonetheless, the majority of middle-grade level karts already follow the requirements of international and national racing competitions. Therefore, you would not require any modifications unless dictated by any event itself.

Is It Inexpensive To Build Or Purchase A Go-Kart?

With the cost of brand-new karts, it is hard not to get tempted by the idea of building your own motorsport vehicle. For starters, yes, it is inexpensive to build a kart. While you can invest at least 1000 dollars for the new professional kart, you can just invest approximately 400 dollars to 900 dollars when you assemble your own kart.

However, the expenses can differ based on one critical thing. And that is whether you decide to utilize the new or second-hand components naturally; if you choose new components, the price increases by two folds, for instance, with the frame alone.

A second-hand one can be between 50 dollars to 75 dollars, but the new one will cost you 200 dollars. Nonetheless, it’s still much less than purchasing the new one. But whether it is the correct decision or not relies on how you perceive the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Building A Go-Kart:

If you build a kart, you can save more cash, relying on the materials you utilize. Similarly, you can append numerous modifications that suit the riding style. Furthermore, you can append a little of the personality in terms of aesthetics making your go-kart truly your own.

Conversely, building a kart needs extensive skills. While manual guides and tutorials can assist, the application might be more difficult than you think. Without appropriate expertise, you may end up with a kart that goes outside the standards. Even worse, it may come out defective.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing A Go-Kart:

When you decide to purchase a go-kart, you save yourself from the hassle of hiring a technician, searching for materials, and waiting for a long time as the kart is being built. Also, you get the assurance that the go-kart fits the criteria of your racing class.

Manufacturers highly contemplate the needs of go-kart competitions for the brakes, engine, and other go-kart parts. However, one obvious disadvantage of purchasing a brand-new go-kart is the cost. It is much more costly than assembling your own. Plus, you would not simply get to modify the go-kart.

Where To Purchase A Go-Kart?

These days, it is simpler to locate places that sell used and new go-karts. You can search in local stores or just order them online. It is even easier if you are shopping for a kids’ kart. Anyway, here are some places you can go to to purchase go-karts.

Local Dealers/Sports Shops:

A few stores showcase karts in their physical outlets. You can inquire at the local sports shops or go-kart dealers to confirm their availability.


Amazon has a lot of go-karts you can pick from. Diverse manufacturers also sell on Amazon, so the options are more extensive. If you are searching for used go-karts, you can check Craigslist or eBay.

Karting Trails:

Surely, go-karting trails have booths where go-kart brands can sell their products. It is also helpful to purchase the go-kart in such places as you get to pick from top-quality go-karts.


Go-karts aren’t really inexpensive. But they’re worth the cost for any fun-seeking or enthusiastic individual. Nonetheless, whether you spend more cash purchasing a go-kart relies on how you comprehend the activity or sport.

Also, you need to be open to the likelihood that you may invest more after acquiring the go-kart. We are talking about the maintenance and safety gear you will require on the trail. Sure, go-karting might seem like a costly investment. But with timing and commitment, you can still use the correct financial strategy.