There are some types of stalling that can occur in Predator 212. The most common type of stalling is while making the right turn; the other one is when you give gas after starting your engine; finally, the engine may be running awesome for some minutes and then stalls after giving it gas. If you are facing one of such cases, here are the most likely reasons why it’s happening:

  • If your Predator 212 cuts out at the right turn, it is because of the oil sensor.
  • If your engine is dying after some hours or even minutes of use, it can be because of the incorrect fuel tank venting, the valve float being stuck in one location and not permitting fuel to enter, or because of the carb being blocked.
  • If your engine is cutting out while giving gas, it is almost certainly because of the main jet of the carburetor being jammed.

Engine Cuts Off At Turns; Disconnecting The Oil Sensor:

Predator 212 has a low oil sensor that turns off your engine when it’s not capable of detecting oil. This feature makes great sense for the industrial usage of your engine where your engine is not moving, and as you might know, Predators are designed mainly for industrial purposes.

However, they’ve gotten well-known in the mini biking and the go-karting world, and the oil sensor is not such a fantastic feature in a minibike or go-kart. When you turn your go-kart, its engine oil will move in one way, leaving no oil on its oil sensor side, which will then turn off your engine. The fix is really easy, cut out the two cables that are coming from its oil sensor unit.

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Engine Turns Off When Given Gas:

This problem is almost always because of the carburetor being blocked up. When you push its throttle, the fuel has to go up from the bowl up towards the carburetor’s venturi from the pilot jet, main jet, and emulsion tube. If any one of the tubes or jets is clogged by dirt, it will not permit the fuel to run through it.

Frequently, the pilot jet getting clogged would not even let your engine start, so if the engine is starting and dying as you provide throttle, it’ll almost certainly be because of the main jet being blocked. That’s because the pilot jet is the main fuel supplier at low throttle, and the main jet comes at a higher speed. The fix is to clean the carburetor.

Engine Turn Off After Some Minutes:

The fuel tank has to breathe to work properly. If you feel like your engine is starving for fuel after some minutes of use, then it can be because of no/improper venting in your fuel tank. Other than that, the problem can be your carburetor. If the engine is turning off after half throttle or ¾ throttle, then it is possible that its main jet has a little dirt and isn’t permitting for more fuel to get through it.

So once again, clean the carb. And lastly, it can also be because of the valve float of your carb being caught in one position or the seat and the carburetor’s needle jet being filthy and not permitting the fuel to enter. In these situations, you may contemplate getting a new carburetor.

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