People are obsessed with going really fast. It really makes us feel alive! And it’s no different when it is about Go-Karts. You can locate Individuals making karts go at really high speeds. So, what really determines the high speed of the Go-Kart?

Theoretically, there are just three things that control the speed of the Kart: Tire Size, Engine’s RPM, and Gearing. Let’s take a glance at how you can make a few cheap and simple modifications to make the go-kart faster.

  • Increase Engine’s Power
  • Remove Governor
  • Change Carburetor
  • Engine Modification
  • Upgrading Engine
  • Utilizing a diverse Fuel
  • Higher Gearing
  • Bigger Tires
  • Making Use Of Lightweight Go-Karts
  • Transmission system: Clutch vs. Torque Converter

Increase Engine’s Power (Engine Mods):

The first thing in deciding the speed of the Kart is the RPM of the Engine. What is the Engine RPM? It’s defined as the rotation number that the engine’s crankshaft actually makes in a minute. What’s the crankshaft? It’s actually a shaft in your engine to which the torque converter/clutch is attached.

How does that all relate to top speed? The higher the revolutions per minute (RPM), the faster the Kart will be. How can you add to the RPM? It can be done by simply adding to the power that the engine produces. Power is related directly to rpm.

Horsepower = Torque x RPM / 5,252

As you can see, the more power the engine generates, the higher its RPM can really be. Note that it can be faster; that isn’t to say that if you upsurge the power, it’ll just increase rpm; torque is also an aspect. If you desire to go fast, you require an engine that generates a lot of power. Here are some things you can actually do to increase the power that the engine generates.

  • Remove Governor:

Almost each Kart Engine has a governor that limits the RPM to thirty-six hundred. It’s done because the majority of the apps involving small engines gain from the set 3600 rpm. If you desire to go even faster, the first step is to actually take out the governor. It’ll instantly increase the speed by some mph.

Please note that a few engines don’t have an acceptable interior for working without the governor and can fail at higher rpm. We recommend you do some research about the particular engine to know whether or not it’s safe to take out the governor.

  • Change Carburetor:

A carburetor is actually the device that takes the fuel in from its fuel tank and air from the outside to mix them in good proportion to then give it to your engine for combustion to happen. Usually, Go-Karts have small carburetors, which are ideal for normal Go-Karts and Lawnmowers but do not provide your engine with sufficient fuel to be beneficial for faster Karts.

If you own a small engine such as Predator 212 or Honda GX200 clones, then a switch to a clone of Mikuni VM-22 Carburetor or Mikuni VM-22 carburetor will assist in increasing the speed.

  • Upgrading Engine Components:

If you are an Engine Geek, making your kart faster will be one of the preferred ventures! There are a lot of performance components accessible in the market, and so much can be accomplished.

You can upgrade the exhaust, air filter, connecting rod, camshaft, and almost every other component of your engine to make it go faster. Please note that the modifications can get really costly, and changing any internal components of your engine will end the warranty offered by the manufacturers.

  • Get The New Engine:

Carrying out upgrades on the existing engine is not something that everybody will love. It can be a time-consuming procedure, and it can charge a lot to purchase performance components. At times, it economically makes sense to purchase a brand new engine in place of upgrading the already existing ones.

You can even purchase the modified version of the engine on site. Purchasing a better engine like GX390 will add to the power by a lot in contrast to small blocks. Engines like Tillotson 212 can be a remarkable upgrade to the Honda Clone engine.

  • Fuel:

You can make use of a little methanol alongside gas and re-jet your carburetor for running the kart smoothly. It would not make much change to the top speed on the stock engine, i.e., the engine as you acquire it out of the factory.

But if you upsurge compression and advance timing on your engine, you can add to the power, and that’s where methanol can be beneficial. Methanol has an awesome cooling effect which will assist your engine in surviving long when it’s advanced timing and high compression.

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Gearing is one more aspect that actually determines the speed of the go-kart. It’s the rpm ratio of your engine crank and the axle’s rpm. The engine can generate a lot of rpm and power, but if the gearing is low, then you would not go very fast.

  • How Can You Measure Gearing Of The Go-Kart?

Go-Karts With Clutch:

Gear Ratio = Teeth on Axle Sprocket / Teeth on Clutch sprocket

Go-Karts With Jackshafts:

If the Go-Kart comes with jackshafts, you have to multiply the factor of (teeth in the jackshaft’s driven sprocket/ teeth in the jackshaft’s drive sprocket).

Go-Karts With Torque Converter:

Gear Ratio = (Teeth on Axle Sprocket / Teeth on Jackshaft sprocket) x (Belt diameter in Driven pulley/ Belt diameter in Driver Pulley)

  • How Can You Select Gearing For Making The Go-Kart Faster?

By the gearing definition, it is actually a ratio of the engine’s speed to the axle’s speed. For instance, if the gear ratio is 6:1 and the top speed of your engine is 3600 rpm, then the axle can go at the speed of six hundred rpm.

If you upsurge the gearing and make it 5:1, now the top speed of your axle is 720 rpm. For gaining higher speed, you ought to make use of higher gearing. But that comes at the price of Torque; it is significant to discover the correct balance.

Tire Size:

The 3rd thing affecting the go-kart speed is the tire size. Let’s say the axle is spinning at six hundred rpm, and the tire is twelve inches in diameter. The Go-Kart will be capable of covering twenty-one miles per hour.

If you upsurge the tire size to fifteen inches and maintain the same six hundred rpm axle’s spin, then the kart will be capable of covering twenty-seven miles per hour. The larger the Tire is, the faster the speed will be. But you can’t just swap to a larger tire and be done with it.

Larger tires need more torque from your engine, i.e., lower gearing or more powerful engines. That denotes, just like gearing, locating the correct balance is significant; the tires cannot be really big, or the engine, clutch, etc., will fail.

Weight Of The Go-Kart:

It’s common knowledge; that lighter karts will go faster and decrease as much weight as possible. The majority of racing Karts are light and make use of engines that generate a lot of power but not a lot of torque, therefore generating high rpm.

Transmission System:

And lastly, let’s discuss the transmission system. You’ve got two options with Karts, which are, Torque converter and clutch. Torque converters are chosen for off-road karts, and clutches are chosen for racing karts.

Let me explain why that’s the situation; Torque converters are actually the belt drive systems. Lots of power is lost throughout the power transfer from your engine to your axle. While on the other hand, the clutch is the chain drive system and just loses an extremely small amount of power in contrast to the Torque converter. If you desire more speed, you ought to choose a clutch, but torque converters have their own advantages.


For making the Go-Kart faster, you require higher gearing, a more powerful engine, and larger tires. But there’s a requirement of maintaining a good balance for tires and gearing. If you increase the gearing a lot or make use of huge tires, the transmission system and engine will fail. Making use of clutches in place of torque converters as your transmission system will also assist in increasing the go-kart’s speed.