Go-kart racing is the 1st step toward becoming a professional motorsport driver. You may have heard that already, but it really is correct! A few of the top racers of modern times have begun their careers with go-kart racing. The names comprise Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and a lot more!

And it totally makes sense too. Since the majority of children above the age of five can begin their go-kart racing career, you can’t hand over a vehicle to a five-year-old. And like in any other sport, the earlier you start, the better opportunity you have to make it to the top.

At What Age Can Children Begin Go-Karting?

The exact answer will rely on where you actually live, but in the majority of places, children can begin go-karting once they are five years or older. At that age, the karts utilized are almost half the size of the full-sized kart and make use of a less powerful engine.

At most such go-karts will get to thirty to thirty-five mph. Once they are seven or eight years old, they can go up to larger karts (3/4 of adult go-karts), and they can make use of faster engines. At that age, they’ll get their 1st true taste of competitive racing.

Beginning early has its benefits, but that does not denote that everybody has to begin as soon as they are five or they will not make it. You can begin racing at any age! There’s no max age limit; you can race until the body allows you to race.


How Can You Get The Kid Into Go-Kart Racing?

  • Go To The Local Rental Go-Karting Track:

Before you purchase any go-kart, safety equipment, or engine, first make certain that the child really likes go-karting. Believe me; you don’t desire to invest more than a thousand dollars and then discover the hobby is actually a mismatch with the child’s personality.

Rental go-kart racing is available in almost every big city in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other European countries. You can see our trail lists to find out if there are trails in your area. You can also use Google to locate the nearby rental go-karting center.

Usually, it charges around twenty to twenty-five dollars for ten to fifteen minutes of race in centers made exclusively for karting. Make certain to go to a place that is wholly for karts and not amusement parks; it can be either indoor go-karting, such as K1 speed, or the local outdoor track (that offers rental go-karts).

  • Check The Local Go-Karting Club/Outdoor Tracks:

Once you are certain that the child has discovered his/her hobby and that’s what they’d want to spend their time on, now’s the time to see the local go-karting club/Outdoor trails nearby you. Just search Google for the different outdoor kart trails or go-karting clubs near me.

Once you locate them, go there and begin talking with the trail owners and parents of other drivers. Frequently, they’ll be kind enough to guide you.

  • Now’s The Time To Begin Buying:

Engine and Chassis will charge the most; it is best to purchase what others on the trail are utilizing; therefore, it is significant to go to the local trail before you buy anything. Most significantly, make certain to purchase all the safety equipment! Safety ought to always be the first priority.

How Much Will It Really Cost?

As you might already know, racing is not as inexpensive as something like soccer, in which all you require is a shin guard and a shoe for getting started. Go-karting or other motorsports is costly! Chassis and Engine are the major upfront investment you will have to make to start.

Thankfully, kid go-karts don’t need a lot of rebuilds or maintenance, so the maintenance would not charge too much. Aside from that, there’d be race entry fees, fuel charges, and safety equipment costs. In the following table, I’ve included their price in the Other Costs section.

  • Kid Karts (5 To 7-Year-Olds):

Chassis Engine Other Costs (Yearly)
Used $1000 $500 ~$800
New $2000-3000 $900 ~$600

You may need a few additional components for a used chassis and engine; therefore, +200 dollars addition for that section.

  • Cadet Karts (8 To 12-Year-Olds):

Chassis Engine Other Costs (Yearly)
Used $2000 $800-1000 ~$900
New $4000-5000 $2000 ~$700

As you may already be capable of guessing, purchasing used components is a much cheaper and smarter way of starting! Many times, you will be capable of buying used engines and karts from the drivers who’re moving up from cadet to junior class or child to cadet class.

Alternatively, you will be capable of locating used engines and chassis on eBay, Facebook groups, and other similar marketplaces. To summarize the price, Kid karting (ages 5 to 7) will charge roughly 2000 dollars to start, and Cadet karting (ages 8 to 12) will charge roughly 4000 dollars to start. If you are fortunate enough, you may be capable of finding cheaper deals on the used chassis and engines.


Go-karting is a fantastic hobby for children to get into, but it can be expensive. It’s great to first check out the rental karts before investing huge amounts of cash on chassis and engines. Once you know that the children like this hobby, then it’s time to go to the local club/outdoor trail.

However, you might not be fortunate enough to have any go-karting clubs close by, and that is, unluckily, the case if you are not living in a big city. Go-karting trails are costly to maintain; therefore, they are not well-known everywhere. But do not be disheartened; there are a lot of other hobbies for the children to try out.

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