If the Predator 212 or any other engine is just running with the choke switched on, then the issue is the Air-Fuel Mixture. To be precise, your engine is getting a lot of air but insufficient fuel for combustion. So when you switch on the choke, some of the air gets clogged, and your engine runs smoothly.

The solution is pretty easy; you can either purchase a new carburetor or clean the main jet and pilot of the existing one. Frequently, the culprit is a blocked-up pilot jet; however, you ought to clean the entire carburetor just to be certain.

Step-By-Step Guide:

Removing The Air Filter:

Taking out the Air Box is pretty simple, just take a ten mm socket and simply unscrew the two bolts. Make certain that the lever is in the center; it’ll make it simple to take out. Once the bolts are removed, you will have to disconnect its air filter box from the vent hose that attaches to the cylinder head.

Removing The Air Filter

Then simply pull the Box out, and you will be capable of seeing the carburetor.

Taking Out The Carburetor From Your Engine:

Once you remove the airbox, you will be capable of seeing the carburetor. Here is how you can take out the carburetor:

  • Make use of a pliar for streching the fuel line clamp.
  • After that, simply disconnect the fuel line and make certain to block the hose using either a bolt or a pliar; otherwise, fuel will begin coming out.
  • Move your carburetor a little forward for slightly loosening the rod and spring.
  • Then, unhook the rod and the spring.

Disassemble The Carburetor:

As stated before, the most likely part that causes this problem is the pilot jet, so let’s remove the pilot jet first. The idle/pilot jet is located just under the idle screw. To remove it, first, you will have to unscrew the idle screw.

The jet is pressed in the hole using an o-ring; you will require a flat head screwdriver for removing it. For removing the main jet, you will need to first drain the fuel in your carburetor by simply unbolting the drain bolt and the main bolt. Then take out the bowl.

Clean The Main Jet And Pilot Jet:

The brass that’s in the bottom has a small hole in it; that’s how it takes in the fuel you’re your carburetor bowl. In your situation, the hole is almost certainly jammed, which is causing the problem. Either take and spray the carburetor cleaner through the hole or take a fine wire and use it to clean the hole.

That’ll resolve the issue at low speed; however, if the engine is switching off in the later stages/higher RPM, the main jet is likely the problem. It’s the main jet that you will see when you take out the bowl.

Take the flathead screwdriver and remove the main jet. Similar to the pilot jet cleaning, spray a little carburetor cleaner or use a slim wire to clean the holes. If you somewhat tap the main jet container, the emulsion tube will also come out. You should/can clean that too.


Now, finally, reassemble everything. Make certain to install the gaskets that came out you’re your carburetor. If they break throughout removal, you will need to get the new gaskets.


In place of cleaning, you can replace your carburetor. A Chinese replacement carb just costs ten dollars and has gaskets, etc.

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