The 10 Best Off-Road Go-Karts for Kids & Adults (2023): Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Are you ready to take your off-road adventure to the next level?

Look no further than the best off-road go-karts for kids and adults. These rugged machines are built to handle any terrain, from dirt trails to rocky mountainsides, offering an adrenaline-fueled ride that will leave you breathless.

Whether you’re a seasoned off-road enthusiast or just looking for a new way to get your thrills, these go-karts are the ultimate way to explore the great outdoors.

Get ready to experience the ride of a lifetime on the best off-road go-karts for kids and adults

The off-road go-karting is extremely amusing! You can drive the best ever kart on the local track all you desire but driving on the tracks is a totally diverse experience. The off-road go-karts permit you to do that.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

The great thing about a go-kart is that anybody can drive it, beginning with kids of age five. There are go-karts designed for particular age groups, from kids to teens to adults. Here are some of our best picks for the best off-road go-karts:

In hurry? Have no time to Read here is are you quick top 3 Off-Road Go Karts to choose from.

  • Yerf Dog Go-Karts
  • FRP Baja-X: Electric off-road go-kart
  • Coleman CK100: Most value for cash kids kart
  • TrailMaster 150 XRX & XRS: Cheaper substitute for GTS 150
  • Hammerhead GTS 150: Great for adults (16+)
  • Coleman KT196: Most value for cash go-kart for preteens, adults, and teens (Under 6′ tall)
  • DIY (make your own Go-Kart): Best Plans
  • Trailmaster XRX 30: Bigger and more powerful Go-Kart for adults
  • Trailsmaster XRX Mid: Substitute for KT196

Off-Road Go-Kart Reviews:

The objective of this review list is to actually introduce all of you to the top off-road go-karts available in the market so that you can make a well-versed choice.

There are a lot of things that determine which go-karts are better than the others. As it might be a personal choice for you, I’ve taken some time to grade every kart in terms of its features, fun factor, their build quality, and how much value they provide in relation to cost.

Yerf Dog Go-Karts:

If it is not the first time purchasing an off-road kart, odds are that you have heard about the Yerf Dog Go-Karts! Such products haven’t been produced since the year 2006 but are still one of the most well-liked online because of how well-liked they were back in the early 2000s.

There are around fifteen to twenty models of Yerf Dog, all of which utilize Techumseh Engines ranging from five hp to eight hp and diverse designs.

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Top Off-Road Go-Kart 2023

Award Image Model Price
3-Speed Setting Go Kart FRP Baja-X FRP Baja-X 48V 1000W Brushless Electric Go Kart See On Amazon
Coleman Powersports 98cc Coleman CK100 Coleman CK100 See On Amazon
Better steering wheel TrailMaster 150 XRX & XRS: TrailMaster 150 XRX & XRS See On Amazon
Extremely well-liked off-road vehicle Hammerhead GTS 150: Hammerhead GTS 150 See On Amazon
Coleman Powersports Off Road Go Kart Coleman KT196 Coleman KT196 See On Amazon
Riding a kart that you designed yourself provides you with a sense of accomplishment DIY Project DIY Project See On Amazon
300 XRX makes seventeen HP power TrailMaster 300 XRX And XRS TrailMaster 300 XRX And XRS See On Amazon
Trailmaster Mid XRX Trailmaster Mid XRX See On Amazon
Trailmaster XRX Mini: Trailmaster XRX Mini See On Amazon

How To Purchase?

You can just purchase such products in the secondary market. You ought to be capable of locating a seven-hp Yerf dog in a decent condition for under a thousand dollars.

The 10 Best Off-Road Go-Karts for Kids & Adults (2023): Unleash Your Inner Adventurer At a Glance:

Off-Road Go-Kart 2023 Reviews:

FRP Baja-X (Image credit: Amazon)

FRP Baja-X

3-Speed Setting Go Kart


Top Speed: Twenty mph | Suggested Age: 8+ | Motor: 48V 1000W



It’s a fascinating addition to this list, diverse from all the others; this product is powered by an electric motor. The spacing in the go-kart permits for children to run it, but it would be hard to fit adults in it. The motor can actually generate 1000W.

The battery can charge in six to eight hours. There are a few complaints about it from the buyers which I suggest you read before buying. I’d personally not choose the electric kart for the off-road purpose and would not suggest it either.

Coleman CK100 (Image credit: Amazon)

Coleman CK100

Coleman Powersports 98cc


Engine Utilized: 196cc Honda GX200 Clone | Top Speed: Fifteen mph | Transmission System: Torque Converter | Seat: Single seat and non-adjustable | Suggested Age: Nine-Year-Old or more



It’s a cheaper and less powerful Coleman Go-kart. The best speed of this kart is limited to about fifteen mph. It just has one seat, and anybody six feet can drive it under without any problems. The three hp engine may seem very low; I’d personally change the OEM engine with the new Predator 224 or the 150 dollars Predator 212.

You can locate a 2nd-hand CK100 for about five hundred dollars online, add 150 dollars for a new engine, and you have an extremely good Go-Kart for 650 dollars to 700 dollars.

In comparison to the larger karts, it does not come with any headlight, suspension, reverse gearing, or rooftop. It’s an extremely easy-built but best-quality kart. If you are searching for an inexpensive child’s kart, I’d definitely suggest this one.

TrailMaster 150 XRX & XRS: (Image credit: Amazon)

TrailMaster 150 XRX & XRS:

Better steering wheel


Engine Utilized: 150cc 9HP GY6 Clone | Top Speed: Forty mph | Transmission System: CVT + Reverse | Seat: Double seater and adjustable | Suggested Height: 5 feet to 7 inches tall



The performance of this product resembles a lot with that of the Hammerhead 150cc. It is designed by Trailsmaster, which is more inexpensive than the Hammerhead. The 150cc Go-Karts by Trailmaster has two versions, XRX and XRS. The XRX model comes with a soft top, a better steering wheel, mirrors, turn signal, a digital speedometer, and extra lights, better wheels than the XRS.

TrailMaster is actually a China-based business, unlike Hammerhead, which was later bought by Polaris. It’s almost certainly the major reason for the lower cost, but Trailmaster is a great producer despite being a China-based company. I have not seen any criticisms about the build quality.

  • Performance:

It makes use of the 150cc GY6 clone engine and has the best speed of around forty mph (relies on the weight). It has shock absorbers and almost all of the Hammerhead 150cc products.

  • Pricing:

You can locate a new XRS for approximately 2300 dollars, and the XRX is around 2500 dollars. Make certain to check Craigslist or FB marketplace; you may be capable of locating one in excellent condition for cheaper.

Hammerhead GTS 150: (Image credit: Amazon)

Hammerhead GTS 150:

Extremely well-liked off-road vehicle


Engine Utilized: 150cc 9HP GY6 Clone | Top Speed: Forty mph | Transmission System: CVT + Reverse | Seat: Double Seater and Adjustable | Minimum Age: 16+ (To Drive)



Hammerhead is another extremely well-liked off-road vehicle producer, and the GTS 150 is the best seller here! This product is strictly designed for adults. Younger ones can have their ride sitting in the passenger seat.

This Go-kart has a digital speedometer, headlight, hydraulic brakes, suspensions, and better overall build quality than the KT196. All things considered, you take what you pay for. The only problem is that it’s just for adults. But if you’re purchasing for an adult, it’s as best as it gets for the off-road go-kart.


Like the other off-road go-karts, this one too makes use of the CVT belt drive system; this product also comes with a reverse gear that’ll come in really handy in taut spaces.

Engine (Top Speed):

This product makes use of a 150cc GY6 clone engine that can make about nine hp power! You can get to the top speed of forty-five to fifty mph with the new GTS150, and there are numerous upgrades accessible for the GY6 engine to make it even faster.

In general, this Go-Kart is ideal for adults if you can really afford to invest 3k+ dollars on a Go-Kart. I’d also not recommend you purchase this one if you want to build the engines since the GX200 engines are simpler to work with, and the performance parts are also very cheaper in comparison.

Coleman KT196 (Image credit: Amazon)

Coleman KT196

Coleman Powersports Off Road Go Kart


Transmission System: Torque Converter | Top Speed: Twenty mph (can be increased) | Load Capacity: 400 Lbs | Suggested Height: 5 feet 10 inches and under | Seat: Double seater and adjustable | Engine Utilized: 196cc Honda GX200 Clone



The 196cc gas-powered go-kart by Coleman is our choice for the most value for cash off-road go-kart for anybody who is under 5 feet 10 inches (70″) and over eight years old. This go-kart is ideal for teens and kids!

It comes with two seats that can be adjusted a little (backward and forward) to fit the passenger and the driver, but the adjustments aren’t as remarkable as the other go-karts, which can be turned into adult karts or children karts by simply adjusting its seats. This one can pull four hundred lbs loads without any problems; for heavier drivers, you may need a more powerful engine or a diverse go-kart.

  • Availability And Pricing:

The cost of almost all the go-karts frequently drops during Nov/Dec, just before Christmas. KT196 is accessible on TractorSupply, Amazon, and Walmart (both offline and online). You can also locate a 2nd-hand version for cheap in the Craigslist or FB marketplace etc.

  • Top Speed:

Now let’s discuss its speed; this go-kart has a 200cc Honda clone engine and can generate around 6.5hp power; its governor is restricted to thirty-six hundred rpm, which translates to around twenty mph (with tires and stock gearing).

Now that speed is practically ideal for children, but it might be really slow for adults. However, you can change its engine to make it go even faster, and it’s not that expensive or difficult to practically double the top speed or even get to fifty mph!

  • Assembly:

The go-kart will have step-by-step directions for full assembly. You can even see a few Youtube videos for the full procedure, but if you do not desire to cope with it, you may have to locate a local mechanic who can do that for you.

  • Issues:

The most frequently reported issues for this product are related to the Torque converter belt and the carburetor breakdowns. Carburetors can usually be fixed by an easy five minutes cleaning procedure, whereas belts will require replacement once in a while (charges around twenty dollars). If you purchase a branded comet belt, they’ll last you for a long time.

Overall, if you are purchasing a go-kart for anybody under 70″ tall, I’d suggest purchasing this product! It’s cheaper than the other 200cc go-karts and is as good as any. It’s also by far the most well-liked go-kart available in the market currently.

DIY Project (Image credit: Amazon)

DIY Project

Riding a kart that you designed yourself provides you with a sense of accomplishment



Riding these karts is certainly enjoyable, but riding a kart that you designed yourself provides you with a sense of accomplishment that is totally worth the time you invest! If you have a little machining and welding experience, then I absolutely suggest you make your own go-kart; it can also be an awesome project to get the children involved.

However, if you are not skilled in metal cutting, welding, and other machine work, I suggest you purchase a frame online and then work with the brakes, engine, drive system, and throttle, etc. For building one totally from scratch, you require a plan.

I suggest utilizing the spidercarts GrandDaddy plan, which is basically the off-road go-kart plan.

Plan 30-45 dollars
Sprocket and Axle 50-100 dollars
Torque Converter 70 dollars
Engine 150 dollars
Frame material (1″ Steel Square tubes) 50-70 dollars
Wheels and Tires 150 dollars
All Other Parts (Chain, Brake, etc) 200-300 dollars

In general, you can make yourself the off-road kart for six hundred to eight hundred dollars.

There are numerous plans accessible on the internet; there are also numerous builds documented in different forums that’ll set you toward the correct path. Albeit making its frame is the lengthiest part, it’s, in fact, not the most costly. The brakes, axle, tires, etc., push the cost higher.

TrailMaster 300 XRX And XRS (Image credit: Amazon)

TrailMaster 300 XRX And XRS

300 XRX makes seventeen HP power


Engine Utilized: 300cc and 17 HP | Top Speed: Fifty-five mph | Transmission System: CVT + Reverse | Seat: Double seater and adjustable | Suggested Height: 5 feet to 7 feet tall



It’s an upgrade on the amazing 150cc karts. The 300 XRX makes seventeen HP power and can get to fifty-five mph! In terms of the exterior design, these are not a whole lot different from the 150 XRX; they have very similar ground clearance, weight, and height.

In fact, aside from the engine, such products are the same as the 150cc XRX.

  • Cost:

It’s by far the priciest kart on this list; a new 300cc kart goes for approximately 5500 dollars!

Trailmaster Mid XRX (Image credit: Amazon)

Trailmaster Mid XRX


Transmission System: Torque Converter | Top Speed: Twenty mph (Can be increased) | Load Capacity: 400 Lbs | Suggested Height: 5 feet 10 inches and under | Seat: Double seater and adjustable | Engine Utilized: 196cc Honda GX200 Clone



It’s almost the same go-kart as the Coleman KT196. Nearly everything about it is like the KT 196. The only difference is that a few of the Mid XRX versions have reverse gear and headlights.

Coleman and Trailmaster are both great manufacturers, and you can expect extremely similar quality. The top speed, engine utilized, transmission system, etc., everything is like the Coleman KT196.

  • Cost:

A new Mid XRX starting cost is 2200 dollars. Once again, I will state that you can locate a great deal online.

Trailmaster XRX Mini: (Image credit: Amazon)

Trailmaster XRX Mini:


Engine Utilized: 5.5 hp | Top Speed: Fifteen mph | Transmission System: Centrifugal Clutch | Seat: Double seater and adjustable | Suggested Age: Five to eight-year-olds



XRX Mini is ideal for children between four to eight years of age, it is difficult to locate a Go-kart that’ll fit a four-year-old (since the majority of children just become able to drive a go-kart after six), but because of the small chassis and the adjustable seat, this product is an awesome purchase for four to eight-year-olds.

There are three versions of this product accessible in the market, XRX-R mini, XRX, and XRS. XRS is the basic one with no electric start, horn, or headlights. XRX-R comes with the most features, comprising the reverse gear.

  • Cost:

The cost for the brand new XRS Mini begins at 1500+ dollars, but you can locate a 2nd-hand version in great condition for less than 1k dollars.

  • Issue:

The only problem with this product is the transmission system utilized in it which is a centrifugal clutch. The centrifugal clutches can get stuck or jammed extremely fast if you drive the go-kart on off-road trails.

  • Engine:

All of the three versions make use of a 5.5 hp engine that’s speed governed to about fifteen mph, which is more than adequate for a child kart.


I hope this guide has assisted you in making a more well-versed decision. There are a lot of models available in the market, and there are a lot of things that can decide how good the off-road kart is. Happy off-road karting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Off-Road Karts Need Assembly Upon Delivery?

It depends! The majority of the off-road karts are bulky and large. For saving space, manufacturers frequently ship the off-road karts that are seventy to ninety percent assembled. It denotes that, at times, you might have to assemble the roll cage, wheels, and other small things, for it to be completely functional.

In the majority of cases, the company will comprise a thorough instruction manual and, in a few situations, a toolbox. Please check it for every go-kart, as each manufacturer has diverse practices. Smaller off-road karts, frequently for children, are shipped completely assembled because of the small size.

Do I Require Doing Regular Maintenance For The Off-Road Kart?

The off-road karts are quite similar to racing karts. They come with motors and other moving components that can wear and tear after a while and therefore have to be maintained. Components that need regular checks are the braking system, engine, electronics, clutch, tires, lights, and batteries. Be certain to refer to the owner’s manual for additional information.

How To Know What Fuel The Off-Road Kart Requires?

The off-road karts, regardless of they’re two or four-stroke engines, will utilize a form of petrol. It’s not the situation if the go-kart is powered by an electric motor. Kart engines most usually run on unleaded petrol.

In the United States, you normally have octane ratings of eighty-seven (regular), eighty-eight to ninety (middle-grade), and ninety-one to ninety-four (premium). In general, as long as it is unleaded, it ought to be suitable. If unsure, always refer to the owner’s manual, where it’s frequently mentioned.

Is Safety Gear Essential When Riding In The Off-Road Kart?

Yes, totally! When you’re off-road karting, you ought to always wear the correct protective gear. You ought to get yourself a pair of gloves and a great helmet. Albeit the go-kart might have seat belts and a roll cage, you have to always wear the protective gear.

How To Clean The Off-Road Go-Kart?

The off-road karts are designed to be durable, as they need to bear all types of weather conditions and terrain. You will locate it extremely common for the go-kart to be unclean after going through water, mud, and sand.

I recommend cleaning the off-road go-kart almost right away after you end the session. You can do so by just hosing it down using water and a little bit of soap using a cloth. If you do not do so right away, then mud could solidify, making it difficult to clean it the next time.

How To Know Which Off-Road Kart Size I Require Purchasing?

In this review list, you’ll see each go-kart has been assigned to a respective age group. Relying on the performance and size of the go-kart, a few of them might just be appropriate for the particular age group. You can always check the indication that I have stated in the specifications.

However, please make sure that you check the precise specs like go-kart size, height, and age requirements on the official product page. In the majority of situations, the age group mentioned here will be enough; however, if you’re uncertain, always ask the manufacturer directly or check the product listing.