There are a lot of Go-Karting trails available in North California; if you are searching for a trail in or around the Sacramento area, you are in luck. In this list, we’ve included an indoor trail, an amusement park with go-karts, multiple outdoor trails, and a membership club for folks who want to get into motorsports.

Additionally, if you find yourself in Houston, you’ll discover exciting Go-Karting Tracks In Houston that provide thrilling racing opportunities and an avenue to satisfy your need for speed.

Moreover, in the vibrant city of San Francisco, you’ll find some of the Best Go-Kart Tracks In San Francisco. These tracks offer exhilarating racing experiences amidst the stunning backdrop of this iconic city.

So whether you’re exploring the go-kart trails in North California, seeking the thrill of karting in Houston, or experiencing the excitement of go-karting in San Francisco, there are plenty of options to fuel your passion for this thrilling sport. Get ready to buckle up, feel the adrenaline rush, and embark on an unforgettable racing adventure on these fantastic tracks!

Best Go-Kart Tracks Sacramento:

Here is the list:

  • Prairie City Kart Track – Outdoor Track
  • Simraceway Kart Track – Outdoor Track
  • Scandia Family Fun Center – Amusement Park with Go-Karts
  • K1 Speed – Indoor Track
  • Blue Max Kart Club – Outdoor Track (For Kart Owners Only)

Prairie City Kart Track:

Get Direction:

  • 13300 White Rock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Minimum Requirement:

  • 12 years old

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 45 dollars: 1 Session
  • 25 dollars for additional sessions

Every session is ten minutes long.

Race Fees:

  • 75 dollars per Entry

Membership Cost:

  • 495.00 dollars

Go to their official website for Online Booking, the latest opening hours, and pricing.

This one is the top outdoor rental go-karting center in the area. Anybody above the age of twelve can practice either on their own go-karts or on rental go-karts. The rental go-karts here are the fastest in the area; they’ll offer you all the safety equipment along with the go-kart.

Membership annually charges 495 dollars and permits unlimited practice sessions. Races are frequently hosted between March and November; for both two-stroke and four-stroke engine classes. All ages above five can take part in their respective classes (see their official site for more details on schedules and classes).

The rental go-karts costs are a bit high for just a ten-minute session in comparison to the other places, but it’s the best choice in Sacramento, and if you are planning to go there regularly, you can always get the membership.

Simraceway Kart Track:

Get Direction:

  • 29355 Arnold Dr, Sonoma, CA 95476

Minimum Requirement:

  • 13+ years old
  • 58 inches tall

Pricing (LO206 Sprint Karts):

  • 40 dollars: 1 Session
  • 100 dollars: 3 Sessions

Pricing (ROK-powered Tony Kart):

  • 70 dollars: 1 Session

Every session is fifteen minutes long. The driver has to have previous experience to rent go-karts. Go to their official website for Online Booking, the latest opening hours, and pricing.

Here you will locate the fastest go-karts for rentals, that’s because they offer racing go-karts with ROK and LO206 motors. You have to have a little previous experience to be capable of renting a go-kart here. Their go-karts can get to as high as seventy mph! The trail is huge.

The practice sessions are open once each week. Championship racing is extremely popular among go-kart racers. They provide numerous go-karting programs for folks new to go-karting for both the ROK class and LO206 class. Go-karts can be stored with them for an additional 100 dollars per month.

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Scandia Family Center:

Get Direction:

  • 4300 Central Pl, Fairfield, CA 94534

Minimum Requirement:

  • 58 inches tall (To Drive)
  • 40 inches (to ride in a 2-seater with an adult)

Pricing (per race):

  • 8 dollars per session

Every session is five minutes long. Go to their official website for Online Booking, the latest opening hours, and pricing.

It is an amusement park with Go-kart situated in Fairfield. You would not have the fastest go-karts here, but it can be a fantastic time to spend with your friends and family, particularly if your family has younger members.Together with karts, they also have laser tag, bumper boats, arcades, and batting cage mini golf.

K1 Speed:

Get Direction:

  • 3130 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento, CA 95827

Minimum Requirement:

  • 58 inches (Adults)
  • 48 inches (Juniors)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 1 Race: 25.95 dollars
  • 2 Races: 46.95 dollars
  • 3 Races: 59.95 dollars

(+8 dollars Annual Membership needed). Every race is seven to ten minutes long. Go to their official website for Online Booking, the latest opening hours, and pricing.

K1 speed is the most well-known karting center in the area. Their trails are all indoors, therefore, open throughout the year. They’re very well-known among individuals looking to host occasions like company parties and birthday parties. They provide party rooms for celebrations and meals.

The go-karts are all-electric. Adult go-karts are advertised to be capable of hitting forty-five mph, and junior go-karts can reach twenty mph. The go-kart speed can actually be controlled by the staff, which might make you feel as if your go-karts aren’t fast enough.

If you desire to experience maximum speed, outdoor trails are always better. For the competitive racers, this place hosts leagues for both junior and adult classes. All members can keep a record of the lap times and compare them with the top racers on the official website.

Blue Max Kart Club:

Get Direction:

  • 4815 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084


  • Practice fee: 30 dollars per day (For Kart Owners)


  • 325 dollars (Feb-June)
  • 200 dollars (July-October)

Every race is ten minutes long. Go to their official website for Online Booking, the latest opening hours, and pricing.

Blue max kart is a go-karting club situated in Davis, CA. It’s a member-based community where you can actually practice with your own karts. The rental go-karting isn’t accessible here, but go-kart owners (non-members) can practice for thirty dollars per day pass.

Members will not need to pay for this day pass, etc. The membership cost here is lower than All-stars go-karting. Six Races are held in the calendar year. Details about classes can be located on their official site. KA100 and LO206 are well-liked engine classes. All ages above five years old have their own classes that they can race on.

Note: All karting centers need you to sign a waiver or get it signed by the parent or guardian (if you are under eighteen). Make certain to wear closed-toed shoes and follow different directions mentioned by your instructors.

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