The Dallas-Fort Worth metro region has a few of the top Go-Kart trails in Texas.

Within forty minutes to one hour away from you, there’s an indoor trail for hosting a party, an outdoor trail for go-kart owners, and even an outdoor trail with rental go-karts!

Go-Karting Tracks To Visit From Frisco:

Here are some of the top places to go go-karting near you!

  • Andretti Indoor Karting – Amusement Park with Go-Karts (Nearest to Frisco)
  • North Texas Karters – Outdoor trail in Denton (for Kart Owners Only)
  • Dallas Karting Complex – Outdoor trail in Caddo Mills
  • K1 Speed – Indoor trail in Richardson

Andretti Indoor Karting:

Get Direction:

  • 5752 Grandscape Blvd., Ste 100The Colony, TX 75056

Minimum Requirement:

  • 48 inches (Juniors)
  • 58 inches (Adults)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 23 dollars to 25 dollars per race (Adults)
  • 18 dollars to 20 dollars per race (Juniors)

Check out their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

Located in Grandscape at The Colony, this center provides you with much more than just karting. They also offer laser tag, bowling, VR, and many options. You can have a fantastic day out with your friends and family or celebrate any special occasion.

Their go-karts are promoted to go as fast as thirty-five mph on Adult Karts and fifteen mph on Junior Karts. If they host any leagues, they’ll inform you on their social media, so check that if you are interested. Drinks and food are accessible inside the center. On weekdays, the cost is low, and the wait time for go-karting is also low.

What Are People Saying About Andretti Indoor Karting?

Jonathan Peyton: Amazing place. Friendly staff. Cool place for a vendor event if you’ve consumers you think are interested in competitive racing. Spacious venue. Typical food fare for joints like this, nothing amazing. Clean. All the games were in great working order. The Kart trail is fun.

North Texas Karters:

Get Direction:

  • 3728 Memory Ln, Denton, TX 76207, USA


  • Accessible for all ages groups (5+ years old minimum) Pricing (Membership Only):
  • 1 month: 100 dollars

Annual Membership:

  • 395 dollars
  • 280 dollars (for Out of town members)

Check out their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

A member-owned racing center in Denton provides a 0.5-mile trail with nine turns. They provide racing for nearly each age group. They host eighteen club go-kart races each year! Go-kart owners of Frisco, who love competitive racing, this place is worth visiting. Their cost is really inexpensive in comparison to DKC, and it’s the same distance away from Frisco.

You can even have a trial run before applying for membership, making it the perfect place for kart owners to practice. For the normal folks (non-competitive racers), they do not have rental go-karts, but you can still be an onlooker for one of the races and have a fantastic day out watching a few skilled racers.

What Are People Saying About North Texas Karters?

Tyler Campbell: If you are searching for the local go-karting club that is super friendly, it’s the place to go. Simply show up and begin asking around if you want to get into this sport. There are more individuals racing this year than when I began nearly twenty years ago.

Dallas Karting Complex:

Get Direction:

  • 5025 FM1565, Caddo Mills, TX 75135, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 50 inches (Juniors)
  • 55 inches (Adults)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 25 dollars per race (Juniors)
  • 25 dollars to 125 dollars per race (Adults)

The cost relies on the go-kart you pick. Every race is ten min long. Pricing (Kart Owners):

  • 99 dollars for a day pass

Go to their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

If you desire to experience some high-speed go-karting, then Dallas Karting Complex is the place to go. They have a few of the fastest karts in Texas, and the great part about them is that they have rental go-karts accessible for everybody. If you are good at go-karting and can complete their laps in less than seventy-five seconds on their normal go-karts, they’ll provide you with a few seriously fast karts to check out.

You can bring your own go-kart to their trails for ninety-nine dollars per day of driving in between the rental races. League racing is also accessible for competitive racers to be capable of racing head-to-head with the best. Their trails are 0.8 miles long and have seventeen turns.

What Are People Saying About Dallas Karting Complex?

Google Review: I took my nephew for his first real go-karting experience, and we both absolutely loved it. The centers are a little older, but they have each type of go-kart, and the inside is more modernist and clean. The staff was amazing, the regulars/locals were very friendly, and the trail is fun yet challenging.

We will certainly be back soon!

K1 Speed:

Get Direction:

  • 677 W Campbell Rd suite a, Richardson, TX 75080, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 48 inches (Juniors)
  • 58 inches (Adults)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • Pricing (Rental Karts):
  • 2 Races: 42.95 dollars
  • 3 Races: 54.95 dollars

Go to their Website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

This facility is situated in Richardson and is the most well-known indoor go-kart center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s a well-known venue for celebrating any special occasion like a bachelor or birthday party, etc. (Group Events need prior bookings).

The go-karts available here are all-electric, and their electric motors generate up to twenty hp power, so you can anticipate some serious speed in perfect conditions. Their go-karts are advertised to be capable of hitting forty-five mph. Trail configurations can be located on K1 speed’s official website.

For the competitive racers, this place hosts leagues across all their facilities for both junior and adult classes. They also keep a record of the fastest laps on the trials for a month, week, or all time. So you can simply compare yourself with the other racers on their official site.

What Are People Saying About K1 Speed?

Sam Cathey: Fantastic! The manager is great. He was really cooperative and experienced. He was capable of answering all our queries. The food was lacking a bit. It would be great to have a selection of fries and burgers etc., for eating while we’re waiting. The trail seems to be a longer run.

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