Go-Karting trails can be difficult to locate even in the majority of popular cities, but Houston has a few amazing indoor and outdoor kart trails; from amusement parks having go-karts to member-owned clubs, there are many choices (at least in comparison to the other cities).

All the centers on this list offer you rental go-karts (except #6), and helmets, all you have to do is arrive and drive, does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie.

Go-kart owners, too, have three outdoor trails nearby to try out their karts. Races are frequently hosted by the majority of the centers for a very reasonable entry cost, making karting an ideal way of getting into motorsports without spending a lot of cash.

If you’re looking for Go-Kart Tracks in San Francisco, you’ll find a variety of options for go-kart enthusiasts to explore in the area. Similarly, for those interested in Go-Kart Tracks in Texas, Houston stands out as a vibrant hub with a range of exciting go-karting experiences available.

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Go-Karting Tracks In Houston:

Here are the top places to go Go-karting near you!

  • Speedsportz Racing Park – Outdoor Track
  • Track 21 – Indoor Track
  • K1 Speed – Indoor Track
  • MSR Houston – Outdoor Track
  • Gulf Coast Kartway – Outdoor Track (for Kart Owners Only)
  • Speedy’s Fast Track – Amusement hub

Speedsportz Racing Park:

Speedsportz Racing Park

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 60 inches tall
  • 13+ years old

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 25 dollars: 1 Race
  • 45 dollars: 2 race
  • 60 dollars: 3 races
  • 90 dollars: 5 race

Every race is ten minutes long.

Pricing (Kart Owners):

  • 75 dollars per day (Non-members)
  • Unlimited Practice for Members

Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

It is situated just north of Kingwood, Texas. Speedsportz Racing Park is around thirty-three miles away from downtown Houston. They have two separate trails, both outdoors. One is for faster go-karts, and the other is for rental purposes. Their performance trail is also accessible to the public (but a bit more costly).

Rental karts here can get to forty-five mph, and their professional kart can get to as high as seventy mph! Every session on such go-karts can cost 199 dollars. Go-kart owners are also permitted on the pro-track. For competitive racers, they frequently organize races. Check their official site for more information.

What Are People Saying About The Speedsportz Racing Park?

Bashir Zakari: This Place provided us with an astonishing experience. The staff was very professional, polite, and paid attention to detail. The Go-Karts go much faster than they actually look, and the trail is a really good outdoor trail with amazing turns.

Every race is ten minutes, which is more than enough to actually put your foot on the gas and enjoy this experience. I absolutely loved it and would suggest it to anybody looking to have an awesome time with friends and family.

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Track 21:

track 21 houston

Image Credits: Tripadvisor.com

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 16+ years old (Adult Karts)
  • 52 inches tall (Junior Karts)


  • 15 dollars: 1 race (Junior Karts)
  • 18 dollars: 1 Race (Adult Karts)

Every race is ten minutes long. Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings. Track 21 is the indoor karting center with two trails with diverse layouts created for both juniors and adults.

You can easily rent the SODI SR5 electric go-karts from their center. The top speed is promoted to be forty-five mph on the adult go-karts and twenty-five mph for the junior go-karts.

Their biggest trail has nineteen turns and is ¼ mile long. You can see the precise layout of the track on their official website. Aspiring racers or competitive racers can join their league to compete against the top racers.

What Are People Saying About Track 21?

Nbetzy Guzman: We chose to celebrate my son’s eleventh birthday at Track 21 with friends and family, and it was remarkable. I brought balloons, candy bags, and cake. The fella who was in charge of the party was really cooperative, put up the cake until it was time to actually enjoy it and had the tablets prepared and decorated the space with the color I asked black and green. Mini golf was my son’s favorite. The Karts were exciting to ride, easy to use, and fast. You can bring your own food. The drinks are comprised of the birthday package.

K1 Speed:

Get Direction:

  • 14900 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040

Minimum Requirement:

  • 58 inches (Adults)
  • 48 inches (Juniors)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 1 Race: 24.95 dollars
  • 2 Races: 44.95 dollars
  • 3 Races: 59.95 dollars

(+8 dollars Annual Membership needed). Every race is seven to ten minutes long. Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

K1 speed is the most well-known indoor karting center. They have more than fifty facilities all across the globe. They are actually well-known for event hostings, like company parties and birthday parties. They have party areas for rental as well for enjoying celebrations and meals after racing.

The go-karts here are all-electric, and their electric motors generate up to twenty hp power. Their Adult go-karts are promoted to be capable of hitting forty-five mph, and the junior go-karts can get to twenty mph. For the competitive racers, K1 hosts leagues across all their facilities for both junior and adult classes. All the members can keep a record of their lap times and compare themselves with the top racers on their website.

What Are People Saying About The K1 Speed?

Tory Gattis: Amazing experience. Really cooperative staff, they guide you through everything and assist when you get in trouble. Fun track and fast cars, with an excellent printout of the results after the race. Good to be in the weatherproof indoors with AC utilizing electric karts with no engine fumes.

MSR Houston:

Get Direction:

  • 1 Performance Dr, Angleton, TX 77515

Minimum Requirement:

  • 9 years old and 57 inches tall

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 25 dollars: 1 Session
  • 60 dollars: 3 Session
  • 100 dollars: 6 Session

Every session is fifteen minutes long. Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

Situated nearly thirty-five miles south of downtown Houston, this outdoor kart racing center is one of the top in Texas. MSR’s main trail is 2.38 miles long; they have a separate go-karting trail which is 0.7 miles long and has seventeen turns.

Their rental karts are gas-powered and can get to fifty mph; every session lasts fifteen minutes. Their go-karting trails are open for the public from Thursday to Sunday, and Mon-Wed is for private occasions (Check timings on their official site).

Corporate events and birthday parties can also be booked in advance; even the whole trail can be booked for some hours. For the competitive racers, they organize a night league race each month on the third Saturday.

What Are People Saying About MSR Houston?

Juan: Looks really cool! It has a sixty-five-second outdoor trail with cool curves. The go-karts look really amazing and well-taken care of. They also have a system for keeping a record in which position every driver is. The centers are well groomed and clean. A few helmets come with the Going Pro thingy for attaching your camera.

Gulf Coast Kartway:

Get Direction:

  • 29726 Stockdick Rd, Katy, TX 77493

Minimum Requirement:

  • 5 years and above

Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

Gulf Coast Kartway is a member-owned karting club. The non-members can also take part in their practices and races for a fee. Membership charges 325 dollars to 375 dollars per year and provides the members with unlimited usage of the trail.

Races are frequently hosted; the schedule can be located on their official site. Classes comprise kid’s go-kart (five to eight-year-olds) all the way up to the Masters class (30+); engines used are shifters, LO206, KA100, etc.

What Are People Saying About The Gulf Coast Kartway?

Elvia Olvera: I moved to Katy to be closer to this trail, and I am very happy I did. The membership cost with the flexibility of the hours is just unbeatable. There was a group of other motorcycles there, and we took turns sharing the trail when there were karts.

I got to ride a lot in a short time with riders of diverse levels, all welcoming. I love the layout of the technical, small trail, and it was paved well enough for me. I am in love, and I am really grateful it exists.

Speedy’s Fast Track:

Get Direction:

  • 11440 Hempstead Rd, Houston, TX 77092

Minimum Requirement:

  • 36 inches tall (to be a passenger in two-seater karts)
  • 15+ to drive their super go-karts
  • 54 inches tall (To Drive)

Pricing (per race):

  • 8 dollars (Normal Karts)
  • 12 dollars (F1 Karts)
  • 10 dollars (Super Karts)

Every race is five minutes long. Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

Speedy’s fast track is a family fun facility with numerous outdoor and indoor activities such as Arcade, Laser Tag, and mini-golf together with their rental karts.

They have numerous types of go-karts, and it comprises double-seater go-karts, making them perfect if the children are not old enough to be capable of driving in other go-karting centers.

Anybody taller than thirty-six inches can ride their double-seater karts. Corporate parties, birthday parties, etc., can also be booked here in advance. The go-karts are not gonna be as fast as in other facilities, so it is not perfect for the competitive racers, but it’s a nice family-friendly center with numerous activities.

What Are People Saying About The Speedy’s Fast Track?

Shalon Lee: We had a lot of fun. The golf course was remarkable. It can be crowded in a few parts. They kept this center very clean. Parking can be a little crazy if you do not get there at a good time. Many games to pick from. Lazer tag was enjoyable as well; my three-year-old was capable of participating.

Note: All karting centers need you to sign a waiver or get it signed by the parent or guardian (if you are under eighteen). Make certain to wear closed-toed shoes and follow different other directions provided by your instructors.

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