Have you ever fantasized about being a F1 driver? I would not lie Go-Karts are nowhere near as speedy. But it’s the closest thing you can go through to being a competitive driver. In fact, Go-Karting is broadly contemplated to be the stepping stone to the higher motorsports ranks. There are some rules common across all the go-karting facilities:

  • You would not be permitted to drive if you have heart or back problems (Consult with the doctor or any other experienced healthcare professional to know if you’re permitted to drive).
  • If you have long hair, then your hair needs to be pulled back in a bun or ponytail.
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes throughout driving.
  • To be capable of racing, you must sign a relinquishment or get it signed by the parent if you are under eighteen.

Aside from such rules, each karting center has its own set of rules for minimum age/height requirements for entering the race (we’ve included the minimum needs of all the karting centers in this list, please check all the requirements before visiting).

As for equipment, helmets, go-karts, and other necessities can be rented directly from the karting facility, allowing you to simply arrive and drive or make an online reservation.

If you’re looking for thrilling go-karting experiences, be sure to explore the options available at Go Karting Tracks Near NYC and Go Kart Tracks in Virginia Beachand Los Angeles. These destinations offer exciting tracks and memorable racing experiences. So, buckle up and get ready to satisfy your need for speed in these fantastic go-karting locations!

The Best Go-Kart Racing Tracks Near Chicago:

Here’s the list of top Go-Kart Facilities to go to if you are in Chicago!

  • K1 Speed: Nearby to Downtown Chicago
  • Kart Circuit Autobahn: Alternative Outdoor Tracks
  • Haunted Trails Burbank: Great for Children (four to nine-year-olds)
  • Accelerate Indoor Speedway: Great for Indoor Go-Karting
  • Concept Haulers Motor Speedway: Top Outdoor Tracks

Did you know that Chicago held the 1st automobile race in the US? The 1895 Chicago Times-Herald Race was actually held on Thanksgiving Day, 28 Nov 1895. Frank Duryea won the race finishing 52.4 miles in ten hours and twenty-three minutes!

K1 Speed:

Get Direction (Buffalo Grove):

  • 301 Hastings Dr. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Get Direction (Addison):

  • 2381 E. Army Trail RD. Addison, IL 60101

Minimum Requirement:

  • 60 inches (Adult Karts)
  • 48 inches (Junior Karts)

Pricing (Adults):

  • 1 Race: 23.95 dollars
  • 2 Races: 42.95 dollars
  • 3 Races:54.95 dollars
  • Seven dollars annual membership (needed to be capable of racing)

Please go to their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and online bookings.

K1 Speed is the indoor go-karting facility; the center in Addison is the nearest karting center to downtown Chicago. You can certainly append this spot to the list of areas for celebrating the teen’s birthday. Teens like a great indoor go-karting facility, and the fast go-karts can really make their birthday unforgettable.

The go-karts in K1 are all electronic, and the adult karts can get to speeds as high as forty-five mph; the track designs can be located on the website. The only disadvantage of this place is that its speeds can be controlled remotely by the staff for safety reasons, which is significant obviously! But it also leads to numerous complaints from the drivers.

What Are People Saying About K1 Speed?

David Przybylski (Google Review): Amazing place to go; there are two indoor tracks and a bar on-site. The staff contact was okay. The space was clean when I was there. The site is simple to locate and to get in/out from. I would suggest going later in the day as the ones left tend to be older or decent at the tracks there.

Kart Circuit Autobahn:

Get Direction:

  • 1801 Centerpoint Way, Joliet, IL 60436

Minimum Requirement:

  • Age: 14 years +

Pricing (Weekday):

  • 1 Race: 30 dollars
  • 3 Races: 80 dollars
  • 5 Races: 130 dollars
  • 10 Races: 250 dollars

Races are ten minutes long. Please go to the website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and online bookings. Kart Circuit Autobahn is a fragment of the well-known Autobahn Country Club Motorsports Complex; it’s a great alternative to CHMS for rental outdoor Go-Karts. Their rental karts are marketed to be capable of hitting fifty-five mph!

Aside from the Arrive and Drive, they also provide memberships for infinite track access and frequently organize different leagues for the members (check the website for more details about leagues). In general, it is an awesome place for go-karting and absolutely worth visiting if you desire to experience outdoor go-karting.

What Are People Saying About Kart Circuit Autobahn?

Jim Graveline (Google Review): The staff here is very professional. Was patiently clarified what was required to go on the trail for Sprint. I had a blast on the trail as the 1st-time driver. The environment was remarkably clean, and a decent dinner was certainly above par. The go-cart trail is well above par with others I have been on. We’ll be back for sure.

Haunted Trails Burbank

Get Direction:

  • 7759 S. Harlem Ave., Burbank, IL 60459

Minimum Requirement:

  • 54 inches and above (Adult Karts)
  • 42 inches to 53 inches (Junior Karts)
  • 16 years+ for driving the two-seater
  • 36 inches for riding in a two-seater

Pricing (Adults):

  • 8.00 dollars/Ride

Pricing (Juniors):

  • 6.00 dollars/Ride

Please go to the website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and online bookings.

It is a year-round Halloween-themed family amusement park that provides much more than go-karting; they have a batting cage, mini-golf, and a lot more. The low height needed for riding a go-kart here makes them a great option in Chicago for the younger children (four to nine-year-olds); you can anticipate having a great day out with your family for an extremely reasonable price here.

What Are People Saying About Haunted Trails Burbank?

Patricia Roman (Google Review): My children had a great time! It was well kept and clean. I loved that there was a small go-kart track for children under 53′, so my petite ten-year-old could really drive. The staff was welcoming. We went to the birthday party, and I believed it was an awesome package. We’re kept busy for three hours after the food, etc.

Accelerate Indoor Speedway:

Get Direction:

  • Accelerate Indoor Speedway and Events – Chicago, 8580 Springlake Dr, Mokena, IL 60448, United States

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches and thirteen years or above (Adult Karts)
  • Forty-eight inches and a minimum of eight yrs. Old (Junior Karts)

Pricing (Weekday):

  • 1 Race: 20 dollars
  • 3 Races: 40 dollars
  • 5 Races: 75 dollars
  • 8 Races: dollars 100 dollars

Pricing (Holidays + Weekends):

  • 1 Race: 25 dollars
  • 3 Races: 50 dollars
  • 5 Races: 75 dollars
  • 8 Races: 100 dollars
  • +8 dollars Annual membership needed for racing.

(Every race is fourteen laps for adult karts and seven minutes long for the juniors). Go to the website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and online bookings. It is situated near I-80 and Harlem Avenue in Chicago.

Kart racing in Chicago would actually not be comprehensive without Accelerate Indoor Speedway. These twenty Hp electric Italian constructed go-karts are the best. The F1-inspired go-karts are an astonishing experience.

For a few, the go-karts might not be the high point at Accelerate Indoor Speedway. There’s a lot actually to do at the facility. Also, a lot to drink and eat! Besides the karts, there are numerous activities to do as well; something for everybody old and young.

There’s a complete restaurant for drinking and eating once done go kart racing. For the kids, there’s an arcade for entertaining. There’s a full bar for the old ones. If grandpa or dad gets exhausted, they can sit down and have something to drink. We all know moms would not quit! The two excellent additions are the two VR and the Ax throwing arenas now open.

What Are People Saying About Accelerate Indoor Speedway?

Niki C (Google Review): Accelerate Go-kart League! My son recently turned eight and likes speed. I was a bit uncertain because he did not have any experience driving go-karts, but I wanted him to have the group setting know-how.

He is in week four, and he loves each minute of the league! He has already improved, including second place in all three races last week. The staff is there to train and guide the children through the learning procedure.

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway:

Get Direction:

  • 3674 E 2603rd Rd, Sheridan, IL 60551, United States

Minimum Requirement:

  • 12 years+

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 10.00 dollars Driver’s Pass (Obligatory)


  • 35 dollars/session (Premium Kart)


  • 30 dollars/session (Original Karts)


  • 10 dollars for the Rental Insurance (optional)

Every session is fifteen minutes long.

Pricing (Kart Owners):

  • 45 dollars/day for the drivers (Friday to Sunday)
  • 35 dollars/day for the drivers (Monday to Thursday)

Check the Pricing Page for the Race day charges. Go to the website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and online bookings.

Go-kart racing in Chicago is encumbered with amazing places to go racing. Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is yet another first-rate go-kart track. It is a half-mile asphalt trail. There are diverse configurations for rentals and racing.

Relying on the event held will decide the layout. As for the rental go-karts, there’s just one set layout. It actually covers the whole shebang for go-kart racing in Chicago. There’s a lot to do at this place. The rental kart leagues are what I love the most.

Go-kart racing can actually be costly. You have tires to purchase, fuel, engines, safety gear, and parts, and the list continues. The leagues you can participate in at CHMS cover everything. If you’re serious about entering into the sport of kart racing and you are in Chicago, you have to check out CHMS.

The go-kart gloves, helmet, neck brace, jacket, and almost everything are covered here. Oh yea, the go-kart! For a small fee of around sixty-five dollars, you can join a kart race. If you’re really involved in how to get into kart racing, then you need to try it.

If it does not work out, you’re not on the hook for it! If you like racing and you’d want to pursue it more, they’ve racing go-karts for sale available. Look into the monthly specials in the pro shop for any new deals they provide!

What Are People Saying About CHMS?

Jason Gyulay (Google Review): What can I really say other than it’s absolutely worth the drive! Yes, it’s a little out of the way, but the people are really cooperative, and we all had a complete blast.

The three-race deal is the way to go, certainly. Simply expect to be tired when you’re done. All of the gear is decent stuff. I’d certainly mention the trip.

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