Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey and experience the thrill of racing at its finest! Discover the heart-pounding world of go-karting as we unveil the ultimate guide to the best go-kart tracks in Rochester and nearby.

Get ready to unleash your inner speed demon, conquer challenging curves, and ignite the track with fierce competition.

From Rochester’s top-notch karting tracks to exhilarating go kart racing adventures, rev up your engines and prepare for a pulse-pounding race like no other!

Buckle up and let’s dive into the captivating realm of racing karts in Rochester and beyond. Get set, go

Rochester has one of the top outdoor trails in New York and an Indoor rental go-karting trail.

Safe to say, it is an ideal place to be in if you are interested in go-karting. The only thing missing is the outdoor go-karting center with rental go-karts, and unluckily, the closest one is about five to six hours away. Alongside the trails dedicated completely to go-karting, there’s also an Amusement park with karts.

Go-Kart Tracks In Rochester And Nearby:

Here are the top trials you can go to from Rochester:

  • Genesee Valley Kart Club – Karting Club with Outdoor trail for go-kart Owners Only
  • Indykart Raceway – Indoor Rental Karting
  • Clubhouse Fun Center – Amusement Park with Rental Karts
  • LaFayette Motorsports Park – Outdoor trail for Go-Kart Owners Only

Clubhouse Fun Center:

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 48 inches (Rookie Karts)
  • 36 inches (Passenger in a Double seater)
  • 58 inches (Junior Karts)

Pricing (Per Session):

  • 12 dollars: Double Seater
  • 10 dollars: Junior Kart
  • 8 dollars: Rookie Kart

Official Website

Every session is about five to six minutes long. Go to their site for the Online Bookings, latest opening hours, and pricing.

The clubhouse fun center is an amusement park with rental karts. The minimum height needed for driving here is forty-eight inches. Aside from go-karting, they also have Arcade games and mini golf. Birthday parties and other events can also be hosted here, with choices to do unlimited go-karting for two hours with the guests!

LaFayette Motorsports Park:

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • Engine and Go-kart approved for Racing
  • 5 Years Old


  • 65 dollars: Race Days
  • 45 dollars: Practice Days

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Members receive discounts. Arrive and Drive Program – Currently closed. Go to their site for the Online Bookings, latest opening hours, and pricing.

LMP is one of the top outdoor trails in NY, situated in Lafayette (about two hours away from Rochester). They used to offer arrive and drive rental centers but have presently closed that service. They also have an on-site go-kart shop for maintaining parts of both IAME and Rotax engines in the shop.

Any type of go-kart repair can be done by their professionals. Just like other outdoor trails, the center is open between April-October and closed in the winter season. Fridays are frequently practice days, and Sundays and Saturdays are available for both league races (if any are scheduled) and practice.


  • Rotax Max Challenge Trophy Series East
  • Spartan Mid-Atlantic Kart Series

Both such leagues use the LMP trail along with the OVRP trail of Cuddebackville and the united go-karting trail of Maryland. The Spartan Mid-Atlantic series is a six-round series that happens in August-October. Rotax’s series happens between May-July and is a four-round series.


  • LO206: For Every Age Class
  • Vortex 100cc, KT-100, and KA-100: Juniors
  • Vortex 100cc, KT-100, X30, KA-100, Rok GP and some other 125cc TaG Engines: Adults
  • 50cc Honda, and Comer 50cc: Kid Karts
  • Mini Rok 60cc, 80cc Comer, and Mini Swift 60cc: Cadet


The trail is 0.5 miles long, with the biggest configuration having ten turns; it has some decreasing radii, a hairpin turn, a chicane turn, and some increasing radii turns.

Genesee Valley Kart Club:

Get Direction:

  • 2123 Lakeville Rd, Avon, NY 14414, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 5 Year Old

Check their official site for the latest schedule and membership pricing.

GVKC is a go-karting club for go-kart owners; they’re not a rental go-kart center. However, you can see club races on Sundays for free. They organize their own racing that runs from April-October on Sundays. You can practice on Saturdays.


  • LO206: For Every Age Class
  • KA-100 and KT-100: Juniors
  • KA-100, KT-100, and Shifters: Adults
  • Comer 50cc: Kid Karts
  • Mini Roc 60cc, KT-100, and Mini Swift 60cc: Cadet


They make use of four diverse layouts of the trail, comprising an Oval trail. The trail is very simple, with not a lot of turns but still challenging enough.

Indykart Raceway:

Get Direction:

  • 17 Miracle Mile Dr, Rochester, NY 14623, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 4′ and six Years old (Junior Karts)
  • 4’10” and sixteen year-olds (Adult Racers)
  • 4’10” (Youth Racers)

Pricing (Non-Members):

  • 20 dollars: 1 Race
  • 54 dollars: 3 Races
  • 160 dollars: 10 Races

Pricing (Members):

  • 16 dollars: 1 Race
  • 42 dollars: 3 Races
  • 120 dollars: 10 Races
  • Annual Membership Costs: 50 dollars

(Includes three free Races)

Every Race is fourteen Laps for Adults/Youth and ten laps for juniors. Every race is approximately seven to eight minutes long. Check their official website for Corporate Events/Birthday Party Packages. Go to their site for the Online Bookings, latest opening hours, and pricing.

Indykart Raceway in Rochester is an indoor karting center with electric go-karts that can get to forty-five mph (on Adult go-karts). It’s the top place to go to if you are searching for a place for celebrating birthdays or for arranging any kind of group events to go together with karting.

The birthday party package charges 250 dollars and 320 dollars for a group of eight and comprises one race and two races (for every guest), respectively. The corporates can rent the entire center for 1000 dollars per hour.

They have numerous trail layouts comprising an oval trail that they open for rental occasionally. The trail has a little of everything, increasing radius turns, decreasing radius turns, hairpin turns, ninety degrees, and a straightway path for speeding it up!

Note: Adults and juniors have separate trails and go-karts and have to race separately.

Although Rochester has a few astonishing outdoor trails for league racing, the indoor leagues can still be an awesome way of starting if you are a beginner. Indykart raceway has presently got two kinds of league racing.

Endurance racing occurs once each month, and the seasonal league happens in winter and in March. The entry for racing on every night of league racing is fifty-five dollars.

Rules To Follow:

If it’s your first-time go-karting, you ought to know the following rules that are common across all the centers:

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