The history of go-karting is strongly connected to Southern California. The 1st Go-Kart ever created was in LA by Art Ingels, and the first official racing happened in Pasadena. This sport has now been well-liked for three generations across the world, and individuals are still in love with it, and I do not think that love will wither any time soon!

Notably, Southern California boasts an impressive array of go-karting options, featuring both indoor and outdoor tracks. While this list will focus on go-karting tracks and not amusement parks (though it’s worth mentioning that amusement park go-karts can be equally enjoyable), it’s essential to highlight the availability of exciting go-karting experiences in nearly every major city throughout the region.

including Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. So, whether you’re in San Antonio, near Dallas, or exploring the vibrant streets of Las Vegas, gear up, buckle in, and get ready to explore the exhilarating world of go-karting on these fantastic tracks!

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The Top Go-Kart Racing Tracks In Southern California:

  • SB Raceway: Indoor trial in San Bernardino
  • MB2 Raceway: Indoor Karting in
  • K1 Speed: Indoor Karting
  • Apex Kart Racing: Outdoor trail for Kart Owners in Perris
  • Adams MotorSports Park: Outdoor trail for Kart Owners
  • Calspeed Karting Center – Outdoor trail with Rental karts

Karting Clubs/Championships In Southern California:

  • TRI-C Karters
  • LA Karting Championship

SB Raceway:

SB Raceway

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches and ten-year-olds

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 15-18 dollars: 1 Race (For Members)
  • 21 dollars: 1 Race

Membership Cost:

  • 49 dollars

Every Race takes seventeen to twenty Laps.

Go to their official site for Corporate Events/Birthday Party Packages. Check their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

SB Raceway is the Indoor go-karting center in San Bernardino. You can rent go-karts from their facility along with different safety equipment like helmets, head socks, etc. Their karts are gas-powered, and they can reach up to forty mph.

If we compare gas-powered go-karts to Electric powered go-karts, gas-powered go-karts do not take off as fast as electric ones. SB Raceway’s Party packages charge fifty–five dollars per guest and comprise two races and an hour in the lounge, or their other package charges seventy dollars per guest for three races and two hours in the lounge.

Membership here costs forty-nine dollars and permits members to practice on racing karts with 9.5 hp power. If you are a frequent visitor, membership can help. They also teach go-kart driving basics to the juniors in their Race School.

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Mb2 Raceway: Sylmar And Thousand Oaks:

Get Direction:

  • 1475 Lawrence Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
  • 13943 Balboa Blvd., Sylmar, CA 91342, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 57 inches and Age: 12+ (Adult Kart)
  • 48 inches (Junior Kart)


  • 5 dollars Discount for trail pass members
  • 20 dollars: Junior (Comprises nine Laps)
  • 23 dollars: Adult (Comprises fourteen Laps)

Check their official site for the opening hours and event pricing.

MB2 Raceway is the indoor karting center situated in three locations in California, out of which two are in SoCal in Sylmar and Thousand Oaks. They also permit for birthday parties or any other corporate events or even larger occasions with more than sixty individuals. You can book their whole center for a little period of time if you want to.

The Go-Karts here can go as fast as forty-five mph! You can keep a record of the timings of the laps with the position being shown on their large screen. New drivers can also join their Sunday children karting Kamp program and improve their skills.

K1 Speed:

Get Direction:

  • Numerous Locations

Minimum Requirement:

  • 58 inches (Adults)
  • 48 inches (Juniors)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 1 Race: 25.95 dollars
  • 2 Races: 46.95 dollars
  • 3 Races: 59.95 dollars
  • (+ 8 dollars Annual Membership needed)

Every race is seven to ten minutes long. Go to their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

K1 speed is the indoor go-kart racing operator with facilities in numerous locations in the SoCal region. The rental go-karts here are all-electric, with a top speed of forty-five mph! Indoor go-karting facilities are well-liked for teen/kids birthday parties.

The same is true with K1; you can host your birthday parties at any of their facilities. They offer party rooms for any occasion. K1 Speed facilities are a great place to begin competitive go-karting if Calspeed is really far away from you. K1 hosts leagues for both junior class and adult class.

You can make use of K1’s karting leagues as a method of knowing if you are interested in the sport before spending a lot of cash on purchasing your own kart. Trail layouts of all their trails can be located on their website.

Apex Racing Center:

Get Direction:

  • 18700 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA 92571, US


  • For Go-kart Differs between twenty to forty-five dollars

Contact them for the precise pricing on the day.

It is an outdoor trail for go-kart owners situated in Perris. They’re frequently open on Wednesdays, Sundays, Saturdays, and Fridays. They, too, host different private events and can stay closed on such days. Make certain to check their schedule before making a visit. Tri-C Karters hosts the PAK series on this trail. Track: 9/10 miles long and has numerous configurations.

Adams Motorsports Park:

Get Direction:

  • 5292 24th St, Riverside, CA 92509, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 5 Year+ Age
  • Must own the kart that meets their rules


  • 50 dollars (For Online Preregistration or members)
  • 75.00 dollars: Open Practice Days


  • 99 dollars per month

Go to their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

Adams Motorsports Park is a trail for supermoto bikes, minibikes, and drifts driving but is primarily utilized for go-karting. They don’t have a rental go-karting facility. They’re open just for the go-kart owners.

Their schedule has numerous open practice days for which you can easily pre-book the slot using their site or purchase tickets on the spot. Trainers and karting clubs regularly make use of this trail for races and practice. If you are gonna visit regularly, they provide a membership that can save you a little cash.

Trail rental is also a choice, which also denotes that they’re closed to the public now and then because of private events. Make certain to check their schedule before visiting. Track: 3/4 of a mile, fourteen turns paved race circuit.

CalSpeed Karting Center:

Get Direction:

  • 9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA 92335, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 5 Years+ (for kart owners)
  • 12 Years+ (for rental karts)


  • 75 dollars for a full-day pass onsite (only kart owners)
  • 55 dollars for the full-day pass if booked online (only kart owners)
  • 45 dollars for a twelve-minute session (gloves and helmet rental comprised with cost)

Check their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

CalSpeed Karting Center, situated in Fortana, is the top go-karting trail in SoCal for both rental karting and kart owners. Their rental karts are as speedy as any other place’s rental karts; the normal karts here can hit fifty mph! They also have faster racing go-karts that you can rent if you are an experienced driver. Kart owners can get a day pass for practicing their skills. You can also rent all the safety gear on the spot or take your own kit.

Their racing series are held during the year for diverse classes in which they permit an arrive-and-drive sort of racing series. If you are part of the go-karting club, they’ll almost certainly schedule many of their races here. The trail has got numerous courses of configurations up to .75 miles with fifteen corners.

Karting Clubs:

If you want to take it a step ahead of the rental go-karts, the great way of doing so is by joining the local karting club. But remember, you will have to own your own kart, and they’re really costly to purchase and maintain (particularly 125cc karts).

It is great, to begin with, the rental karts. Go to the local club and speak with experts and other drivers. (If you are fortunate, you may be capable of testing out a few racing go-karts before purchasing them). Southern California has two karting clubs and some other racing trainers. Here I’ll state the two clubs that you can see.

1. Tri C-Karters:

Tri C-Karters is the karting club that hosts three main series throughout the year. They frequently make use of Apex Racing, and Adams Motorsports Park trails for their races. Their engine class comprises every two-stroke engine except 125cc. They do, however, have classes for the four-stroke LO206.

2. Los Angeles Karting Championship (LAKC):

This place hosts racing series for the sprint go-karts throughout the year. They make use of the Calspeed trail for all their racing practices and events. Their membership charges about seventy-five dollars. Members need to gather points on their normal races to be capable of racing in their season racing, which happens from February to October.

Age Classes comprise everybody from five years up. Engine classes comprise 60cc mini for cadet class, 50cc Honda for kid karts, and 125cc and 100cc for Senior Classes and teen juniors. 125cc comprises Shifters and TaG karts. They also have KZ and IAME 175cc classes. No classes for LO206.