Go-karts are a fantastic hobby and sport. You can build them, purchase them, race them, and customize your go-karts to do whatever you’d want.

Fun go-karts, in particular, are an awesome way of getting the speed itch scratched. In Buffalo, NY, there are a lot of places to have a little fun and go fast.

One of the major reasons an individual might locate themselves in Buffalo is Niagara Falls.

Whether you’re going into Buffalo or leaving Buffalo, there are a few fantastic go-kart trails to stop and check out.

How long can somebody really glance at the waterfall before they begin thinking?

Are there any go-karts somewhere else to race?

Best Go Karts Buffalo, NY:

  • Grand Island Fun Center

  • Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center

  • Bayview Raceway & Golf

  • MXK Raceway & Kart Shop

  • Genesee Valley Kart Club

The following is the list of Go Kart trails that’d be a lot of fun for a competitive race if you’re your friends or a family outing.

Looking To Buy Go-Karts In Buffalo, NY?

The Buffalo region has some excellent go-karts to rent. But what if you desire to have your own go-kart? You can easily find all types of go-karts. On-road, pedal, off-road, and gas-powered! Plus, there are numerous locations around Buffalo making locating a location super simple!

Grand Island Fun Center; Buffalo, NY


  • Fri: 5 PM to 10 PM
  • Sat: 11 Am to 10 PM
  • Sun: 11 AM to 9 PM

Hours might be seasonal, so be certain to call before visiting.


  • 1 Race: 12 dollars
  • Fun Pack 90 dollars. Comprises ten tickets for Go karts, batting cages, mini golf, and laser tag


  • 56 inches for riding alone
  • 36 inches for riding at no additional charge

Grand Island Fun Center is situated on Grand Island, right in the core of Buffalo. Whether the Falls or the Buffalo wings brought you here, it doesn’t really matter.

What actually matters are the excellent go-karts at Grand Island Fun Center.

The go-karts are all gas-powered. The trail is a quarter mile, and they provide double and single-seater go-karts. It is always significant to get your little ones out there. They have single-race purchase choices or bundle packs to buy.

Together with the go-karts, they provide Laser tag, mini golf, an Arcade, and Batting cages. Group events and birthday parties are welcome.

They also provide a few amazing food options, such as wings, pizza, freshly squeezed lemonade, and pizza logs.

MXK Raceway & Kart Shop; Elma, NY


  • Thu: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Fri: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Sat: 10 AM to 2 PM
  • Sun: Closed
  • Mon: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Tue: 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Wed: Closed

MXK Raceway is a fascinating trail with a rich history in go-karting. The multi-configure kart trail has road courses and ovals built in.

The trail was begun as a test trail for MXK Racing. The Go Kart shop provides an extensive range of not only racing parts/go-karts but hobby kart components as well.

Here, one of the classes is the clone class. The New York Karting Association (NYKA), or the clone class, is an awesome beginner’s class.

The engine is similar to the Honda GX200 and Predator engines. The class is actually structured to keep the price low, so the focus is fun and racing.

Are you serious about karting?

Do you have the racing go-kart, or would you want to begin racing?

If so, then a visit to MXK Raceway is the number one priority.

Going to the real racing go-kart trail is an excellent way of getting started. The go-kart racing community is filled with cooperative folks that desire to see the sport grow. We like the sport, so seeing more individuals join is thrilling!

Genesee Valley Kart Club; Avon, NY


Racing from April to Oct


  • Food on site
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Rookie School Offered
  • Bathrooms on site
  • Rich History

The Genesee Valley Kart Club was founded back in 1959. That is remarkable when you think about it; a lot of amazing go-kart racing history in one place. This go-kart trail is an ideal place to begin a racing career.

Go Kart Track Layout:

The trail has five diverse configurations. There are choices for running numerous Ovals and road courses. They also race numerous diverse classes, two strokes, and four-strokes.

The trail is built with asphalt, and there are 10 turns. The trail has high-speed sections and a few slower sharp corners ideal for overtaking.

Trails such as Genesee Valley Kart Club are reserved for dedicated racers. There are no rental karts to pay for here. It’s a club. You become a member and join the community rich with go-kart racing. Kart racing is a hobby, sport, and career for a few, but at the local level, kart racing is the community; individuals come here to race and enjoy their time.

Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center’s; Irving, NY


Mon to Sun: 9 AM to 10 PM


  • Cigar Shop
  • Gas Station
  • Restaurant
  • Mini Golf
  • Driving Range
  • Batting Cages

Just Outside Buffalo:

Situated just thirty minutes outside of Buffalo is Seneca Hawk Family Fun Center.

It is situated very close to the Sunset Beach club, making it a well-liked spot for beachgoers. Beachgoers in Buffalo? Yes, there are a lot of beaches there!

Also, if you’re going to Niagara Falls or leaving the falls, it’s an ideal rest stop. There are many amazing activities for everybody. Get out of your car and relax a bit.

Onsite, they provide the go-kart trail, a cigar shop, mini golf, batting cages, a gas station, and a full restaurant. The amenities make it an ideal stop for recharging before going in or leaving Buffalo.

The Go Kart Track:

At this go-kart center, they have an awesome-looking trail. The surface is concrete with metal bumpers cushioned by the tires. It’s similar to the safer barrier system that NASCAR utilizes.

The trail layout has a really cool design with integrated elevation changes. Elevation changes when karting can pose a real challenge.

As you go downhill, the go-kart becomes a light feeling, and the back end can lose grip. This trail is sure to produce a great time.

Bayview Raceway & Golf; Buffalo, NY

  • Location: 3804 Lake Shore Rd, Buffalo, NY 14219
  • Phone: 716-824-5002

It might not be fancier, but karts do not have to be. A few of the most fantastic go-kart facilities I have visited were at inexpensive rental go-kart trails.

From my experiences, a few of the most amazing go-kart trails have been the smaller family-oriented trails. Bayview Raceway & Golf looks to be one of such trails.

The Go Kart Track:

Situated right on the lake, you can have a few stunning water views. The go-kart trail is a small peanut-shaped trail; the smaller the trail, the closer the racing. It means more amazing! The trail is strikingly paved and marked with distinct lines.

The lines assist in developing the racing or groove so you can navigate the fastest way across the trail. There are no walls on this trail. There’s a fence on the track’s outer edge.

It’s an all-American weekend outing with your family. Just next door, they provide Tony’s Bayview Drive-in, providing ice cream, burgers, and subs.


Go-Karts Buffalo, NY, is just one example of a unique city with excellent go-kart trails. The US has a lot of fantastic go-kart trails situated all across the country. Every city has its own hub for go-kart racing.

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