Cleveland has two excellent Go-Kart trails and some trails just outside, which are well worth visiting. The best trail for you will rely on what you require; do you desire a few speedy go-karts? Or do your friends and family have younger kids? Or are you a go-kart owner wanting to test the karts? You can expect to locate the correct place for you from the below list.

Rules Common Across All The Centers:

If you have never been to a karting center, there are some rules common across all the centers:

  • To be capable of racing, you have to sign a waiver or get it signed by a guardian if you are under eighteen.
  • You need to wear closed-toe shoes.
  • If you’ve got long hair, then the hair must be pulled back in a bun or ponytail.
  • You would not be permitted to drive if you have back or heart problems (if you have any medical issues, please talk to your doctor to know if you’re permitted to drive).
  • Drive safely; not just will you need to cover charges for damaging any go-karts, but you also risk the life of yourself and others by driving rashly.

Aside from that, each go-karting facility has its own rules for minimum age/height requirements for entering a race (we’ve included the minimum needs of all the facilities in the below list, please check the needs before going there).

Best Go-Kart Tracks In Cleveland:

Here’s the list of the top Karting centers for you to go to if you are in Cleveland!

  • Adkins Raceway – Best Outdoor Trails for Kart Owners
  • High Voltage Indoor Karting – Indoor Karting in Medina
  • Airport Go-Karts – Outdoor Trail in Cleveland
  • BOSS Pro-Karting and Ax Throwing– Indoor Karting in Cleveland

Adkins Raceway:

Get Direction:

  • 9352 Bunker Hill Rd SW, Port Washington, OH 43837, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches or taller
  • 12 Years or Older

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 25 dollars: 1st race
  • 10 dollars for additional sessions

Pricing (Kart Owners):


  • 40 dollars: 12 pm -Dark per driver
  • 25 dollars: 4 pm -Dark per driver


  • 30 dollars per driver

Visit the official site for Online Bookings, the current opening hours, and pricing.

Heaven for competitive racers and go-kart-owners, AdkinsRaceway is situated in Port Washington, Ohio, just off of Route 36. It’s one of the top outdoor karting centers in Ohio and the closest competitive outdoor go-karting center for go-kart-owners living in Cleveland.

They provide seasonal racing through the championship. Append to this the coaching and on-site go-kart shop; this spot is astonishing for any competitive racer. For the non-owners, they have rental go-karts that can get to as much as forty-five mph! The road course has six turns and features Monza-style turns.

Sure, a little travel is needed to reach here, but outdoor trails with racing go-karts is a diverse feeling to indoor go-karts and something that you will almost certainly love to experience. Call them beforehand before visiting; the final thing you desire is to travel an hour and a half just to return disappointed.

What Are People Saying About Adkins Raceway?

Andrew Derhammer: It’s a fantastic trail for running rental go-karts or racing your own minimotos or go-karts. Their rental go-karts are the fastest rental go-karts that I have raced. The trail and centers exceeded my expectations. Now I just need to wait to return in the spring.

High Voltage Indoor Karting:

Get Direction:

  • 333 Foundry St, Medina, OH 44256, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 48 inches (Junior Karts)
  • 58 inches and 14+ (Adult Karts)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 16 dollars per Race (Junior race)
  • 22 dollars per Race (Adult race)

Every race is six to seven minutes long. Visit the official site for Online Bookings, the current opening hours, and pricing.

It is situated in Medina, just outside of Cleveland. HV Indoor Karting is as good as BOSS Pro-Karting And Ax Throwing, but this facility is not exactly inside Cleveland; if you are closer to this center, then pick this place.

The Go-Karts here are also electric; the Adult Go-Karts are promoted to be capable of reaching fifty mph, while the junior go-karts can reach twenty-five mph. They also have the indoor-outdoor trail hybrid. Throughout the year, they organize four leagues for both adults and juniors. Follow their social media to stay updated with their schedules.

What Are People Saying About High Voltage?

Tiffany Warholic: The entire atmosphere was welcoming and exciting! The staff went above and beyond to accommodate us! Shoutouts to Lauren and Tim for making the trip more successful! Thank you, High Voltage!! We had a fantastic time and highly recommended this experience!

Airport Go-Karts:

Get Direction:

  • 16208 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44135, USA

Minimum Requirement And Pricing:

  • 36 inches for riding in a two-seater Go-Kart
  • 16 years or above (Adult Karts)
  • 54 inches and ten years or above (Rookie Karts)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 8 dollars (Pro Kart)
  • 5 dollars (Rookie Kart)
  • 100 dollars for exclusive fifteen minutes for the group (Adult Karts)
  • 75 dollars for exclusive fifteen minutes for the group (Rookie Karts)

Visit the official site for Online Bookings, the current opening hours, and pricing.

Only a mile away from Boss Pro-Karting, Airport Go-Karts is the outdoor go-karting center where you can rent out the complete trails for fifteen minutes to an hour or rent go-karts for some races. The karts here can go as quick as twenty-eight mph on Adult go-Karts and eighteen mph on rookie go-Karts.

They even have a two-seater, making it a perfect place for parents of four to eight-year-olds. The trails are oval-shaped. Albeit, their go-Karts are not the fastest, this facility can be fun to go to with your friends and family. If you want to get into competitive racing, it may not be the spot for you.

What Are People Saying About Airport Go-Karts?

Amber Singleton: I love this facility. The trail is classic, only a circle, absolutely nothing special. But the cost is right; the karts are faster than swings and things but not really costly like such indoor trails around. I hope to see airport karts killing the kart scene for years to come.

BOSS Pro-Karting And Axe Throwing:

Get Direction:

  • 18301 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44142

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches and fourteen years old (Adult Karts)
  • 50 inches and eight to thirteen years old (Junior Karts)

Pricing (For Karting):

  • 1 Race: 22 dollars
  • 2 Races: 40 dollars
  • 3 Races: 54 dollars

+6 dollars annual membership (needed to be capable of racing). (Seven minutes per race). Visit the official site for Online Bookings, the current opening hours, and pricing.

BOSS Pro-Karting is the indoor-outdoor hybrid Kart trail available in Cleveland; whether you are searching for a place to host an event or entering into competitive racing, this center fulfills almost every requirement; the only thing they lack is karts for kids below eight years old.

The Karts in use are the well-known Sodi RTX go-karts; they’re all-electric and can go as quick as forty-five mph! The high acceleration in the electric go-karts is an astonishing experience. The junior go-karts are raced separately and are speed controlled by the staff for safety reasons.

They have six diverse trail configurations that they utilize all through the year; in the summer season, they make use of an indoor-outdoor mixed configuration. For folks wanting to get into competitive racing, BPK has its own league recognized as Boss Challenge Night, in which you can participate and learn without spending thousands of dollars on purchasing Karts and other equipment.

What Are People Saying About BOSS Pro-Karting?

Matthew Malek: I took my team to Boss Pro Kart for the annual summit, and it was an amazing decision. It’s a family-run facility where they make their visitors feel like family. They had food catered to us when we arrived. The complete support staff was welcoming and greeted everybody there, gave everybody attention when they required something, and made certain they spent time teaching everybody how they could improve racing times.

They had a trophy prepared to go with the company logo branded for the champion. Honestly, they made a true client-centric environment for everybody on the team, which is very rare to locate these days.