Go-karts! Isn’t that why you came to Panama City for vacation? Ok, perhaps you did not come here for the Go-karts, but there are a few amazing go-karting outings to try out while you are here.

Go-Karts In Panama City Beach:

Go Karts facilities in Panama City Beach are another amazing attraction to top off that ideal vacation.

Check out the top go-kart trails in Panama City!

  • Race City
  • Emerald Falls Family Rec Center
  • Hidden Lagoon Super Racetrack and Golf
  • Kartona Electric Speedway
  • Cobra Adventure Park
  • Slingshot and Indy Speedway
  • Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure
  • Beachfront Adventures

Race City:


  • Noon: 8 PM
  • Times differ by season. Contact for current details

Sandals are fine. Pets are permitted.


  • PCB 500 54 inches: 11.69 dollars
  • Grand Prix 54 inches: 10.75 dollars
  • Speed Track 54 inches: 9.82 dollars
  • Lil Speedy 42 inches: 8.88 dollars
  • Unlimited armband under 54 inches: 41.13 dollars
  • Unlimited armband 54 inches: 50.47 dollars

The location with the majority of kart trails in Panama City Beach is Race City. With 4 go-kart trails, the fun doesn’t stop with the karts either.

There are thrill rides, roller coasters, Mega Arcade, fairground rides, a Spin zone, and bumper boats.

The limitless armbands are just the way to go. Go there early in the day to take advantage of the armband.

The bands are accessible from Noon until 8 PM every day. You can ride any of the rides, excluding the sky coaster (you’ll get a discount).

If you feel hungry, you can take a little break and have some food from one of the vendors available onsite.

Emerald Falls Family Rec Center:


  • Fri: 5 pm to Close
  • Sat-Sun: 12 pm – Close


  • Formula: 9.00 dollars / 14.00 dollars Double Kart
  • Vortex: 10.50 dollars / 15.50 dollars Double Kart

Karts in Panama City Beach are like jelly and peanut butter. You require the beach and go-karts. Summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without karts.

This go-kart facility boasts a multiple-level go-kart trail. There are curvy turns and fast straights.

Providing 2 trails with a few fantastic features, the Vortex track is a wooden trail. Wait, What? Wood? Yes, Wood. I’d desire to go only to see what it is really like to race on the wooden trail. The driver has to be 56 inches and the passenger 36 inches.

The other trial is the Formula trail. It’s a typical concrete kart trail. There are 3 bridges and overpasses. Zooming up/down the ramps will provide you with a rush. Besides the karts, they provide an indoor arcade, the Kids Kingdom, and mini golf.

Hidden Lagoon Super Race Track And Golf:


  • Open seven days a week at 12:00 Noon
  • Closing time relies on crowds and weather


  • Six Laps for 22 dollars
  • Three Laps for 18 dollars
  • Passengers between 56 inches and 60 inches 10 dollars

Situated just across the street from the stunning beach is Hidden Lagoon Super Race Track and Golf. This super trail is almost one mile long. It’s one of the biggest go-kart trails on the Emerald Cost.

The karts are all gas-powered. They provide double and single-seater karts, ideal for families. Hidden Lagoon karts in Panama City Beach will be an awesome time for everybody in your family.

If you’re done, kart racing for the day and swap over to the golf course. There are many restaurants situated nearby so when you’re done; you can eat some food.

The trail does close for the seasons. Presently, the trail will reopen on March 1st, 2022. Be certain to check their official site for the newest updates.

If you’re between 36’ and 56 inches tall, you can ride for free with a licensed driver.

Kartona Electric Speedway:


  • Wed-Fri: 4:00 to 10:00
  • Saturday: 12:00 to 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 12:00 to 8:00 PM


  • Racing Ticket: 15.00 dollars per ten-Lap Run
  • Head Sock: Bring your own or 5.00 dollars
  • Proper Shoes: Wear your own or 5.00 dollars Per Individual per visit
  • Pit Pass: 5.00 dollars Day or 20.00 dollars Year

Situated in the Beachwalk Center Shopping Mall is the number one go-kart racing experience in Panama City Beach.

Kartona Electric Speedway has high-performance Italian-made electric go-karts. Such karts are top-of-the-line and provide an exciting experience.

Kartona has methodically created the race course, so it’s competitive and exciting. The layout is really what makes the trail so much fun.

Kartona provides more than just go-karting. There are snacks and pizza, arcade games, and party areas for any special event. Open year-round. Contact them for any updates.

Cobra Adventure Park:


Please contact before going there to get the newest hours of operations

At Cobra, you’ll locate many activities for your entire family. The karts are all gas-powered and outdoor gas go-karts. They’re manufactured by Shaller, who’s an industry leader in rental go-karts.

There are double and single karts provided so even the little ones can ride along. They also have a children’s race trail created for the little ones.

Slingshot and Indy Speedway:


  • Hours of Operation: 10:00 am to Very Late
  • Please call at (850) 234 -1121 for any queries about hours of operation.


  • 30 Laps: 20.00 dollars
  • 20 Laps: 15.00 dollars
  • Passenger (ages 13-16): 5.00 dollars
  • Passenger (ages 3-12): 2.00 dollars

This place might be recognized for the slingshot, but there are a few really amazing karts available onsite you can race while waiting.

The go-karts provided are all gas-powered and outdoor go-karts. They are double and single-seaters. The bean-shaped racetrack offers a simple yet competitive course for navigating.

Swampy Jack’s Wongo Adventure:


  • Sun-Wed: Closed
  • Thu-Sat: 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM


  • Marrakesh Road Rally: 10 dollars Per Race

At Swampy Jack’s you’ll locate a few of the coolest karts provided in PCB. They’re outdoor electric karts.

Electric karts are really amazing as rentals for a lot of reasons—no emissions, simple. Fewer tuning problems on the engine (no engines), and all of the karts are quite close in speed.

You need to try out the Power-up Race. It’s a Mario Kart-style race where you can really pick up the power-ups while racing across the trail.

For instance, you can pick up the Turbo Boost and get three miles per hour! That might not sound like much, but when you’re that much faster than everybody, you’ll feel the excitement.

Stop out at Swamp Jack’s Wongo Adventure to check out such remarkable go-karts. Also, try out the other awesome attractions they have to provide for a fun-filled day!

Beachfront Adventures:


  • Contact 850-234-1588 for the newest update on the seasonal working hours
  • Re-opens in the Spring


  • Go-Karts: 12 dollars
  • Unlimited wristband under 54 inches: 18 dollars
  • Unlimited wristband over 54 inches: 28 dollars

Go-Karts in Panama City Beach are like jelly and peanut butter. You require go-karts and the beach. Summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without karts.

Beachfront Adventures is another amazing karting facility. The karts are electric-powered and have full bodies. The wristbands provide you with unlimited rides until closing time. If you’re above 54 inches, it’s 28 dollars, and below 54 inches, it’s 18 dollars.

If you feel hungry, then there’s an onsite Boardwalk Pizza and Brew Restaurant available. Along with the karts, there are other things as well to keep everybody entertained.

Go-Karts In Panama City Beach:

Helpfully, this list assists you in enjoying go-karts in Panama City Beach! For more trails and Better, Karting details, return home!

What Are The Fastest Go-Karts In Panama City Beach?

Kartona Electric Speedway provides the fastest go-karts. They make use of indoor electric go-karts capable of reaching up to forty-five mph.

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