If you are searching for trails near Philly (Philadelphia), you have a lot of choices for Indoor racing but not a lot of outdoor trails, and none of the outdoor trails offer go-karts for rental.

However, Indoor trails that are close by are good enough for almost everybody’s requirements. Whether you are searching for a center to host a corporate or birthday party or simply getting started in professional go-kart racing, you’ll be capable of doing it all! The nearest go-karting club is in Mertztown and is around sixty miles away, situated in Mertztown.

Go Kart Tracks In Philly (Philadelphia):

Here are the top kart trails to go to if you are in Philadelphia:

  • Speed Raceway – Indoor trail in Cinnaminson and Horsham
  • Oreville Speedway – Outdoor trail in Mertztown (No Rental Karts)
  • S&S Speedways – Indoor trail in Poconos
  • Xtreme Zone – Indoor trail in Delaware
  • Lehigh Valley Grand Prix – Indoor trail in Allentown

Speed Raceway:

Get Direction (Horsham):

  • 200 Blair Mill Rd #100, Horsham, PA 19044, US

Get Direction (Cinnaminson):

  • 1103 U.S. Route 130 South, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches and twelve-year-olds (Adult/Teens Kart)
  • 48 inches and six Years old (Junior Karts)

Pricing (Rental Karts):

  • 22 dollars: 1 Race
  • 39 dollars: 2 Races
  • 49 dollars: 3 Races
  • 22 dollars: For Online Reservation (No waiting needed)

Every race has twelve to fourteen Laps. Annual Membership of nine dollars is needed to race. Go to their official site for Corporate Events/Birthday Party Packages. Check out their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

Speed Raceway is situated in Cinnaminson and Horsham and is the most well-known Go-karting center in the region. The trails are indoor, and the go-karts are electric. You can either decide to reserve the slot, or walk-ins are also accessible. However, online reservations will save waiting time.

Frequently, indoor go-karting centers are well-known for their event hosting, and the same is true for this place; you can host corporate events or birthday parties by booking the trails for private racing.

Even the whole center can be rented for larger events. Their league racing is an awesome way of getting started in Go-kart racing without investing 1000+ dollars on karts and club membership for being capable of racing on the outdoor trails.

Oreville Speedway:

Get Direction:

  • 531 Old Topton Rd, Mertztown, PA 19539, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 5 Years Old

You must have a kart that meets racing needs. Check out their official website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

It’s one of the very few go-karting clubs available in Pennsylvania. They’re situated in Mertztown. They don’t have rental go-karts. It’s a trail for go-kart owners only. The trail is open on Sundays between April and October. You can check the complete schedule on their official site. Everybody above the age of five has a class.

You can contact them for the details on engine classes. The trail is an outdoor trail, unlike the others on the list, and it’s ¼ mile long, out of which 1/6 mile is the oval trail. Therefore permits for both oval go-kart racing and sprint racing if the entire trail is utilized.

S&S Speedways:

Get Direction:

  • 1405 E Washington St, Colton, CA 92324, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 54 inches tall (To Drive)

Pricing (per race):

  • Pricing (per race):
  • 4-Race: 35 dollars
  • 8-Race: 60 dollars

Every race is 3.5 minutes long. Go to their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

It is an indoor kart trail in Poconos that’s created like a dirt race trail. Their karts are not the fastest available but have a unique design in comparison to the other centers.

You can host birthday parties, bachelor parties, or any other corporate event here. One hour of unlimited driving charges about 250 dollars for teen birthday parties. The only problem is the fifty-four inches height limit.

Xtreme Zone:

Get Direction:

  • 4060 N Dupont Hwy Suite 11, New Castle, DE 19720, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 16+ Years (for Adult Karts)
  • 8 Years+ and 48 inches (for Junior Karts)


  • 22 dollars: 1 Race
  • 54 dollars: 3 Races
  • 80 dollars: 5 Races

Six dollars Annual Membership needed to Race. See their site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

It is an indoor trail situated in Delaware with Gas-powered go-karts. Their trail is 1/4 mile long and has nine turns. They’ll also keep a record of the lap times and the other racers’ lap times, which will permit you to compare yourself with the top drivers.

Group events and Birthday Parties can be hosted with private races for up to eight racers. Two Races for eight racers will charge around 350 dollars to 400 dollars relying on the day of the week. Other than karts, they also have VR racing simulators and Ax throwing.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix:

Get Direction:

  • 649 S 10th St, Allentown, PA 18103, US

Minimum Requirement:

  • 56 inches and fifteen years old(Adults)
  • 48 inches and eight years old(Juniors)


  • 22 dollars: 1 Race
  • 54 dollars: 3 Races
  • 64 dollars: 4 Races

Six dollars Annual Membership needed to Race. Every Race is seven to eight minutes long. Go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

Situated in Allentown, this center is perhaps the top indoor trail for you if you can travel since they’ve all you can anticipate from the Indoor trail. Their trail is also ¼ mile long and has eleven turns that comprise fast turns, slow turns, and complete 180 degrees turns. Their go-karts are gas-powered and can go as fast as forty-five miles per hour!

Birthday parties, bachelor parties, or any other group events must be booked two to three weeks in advance, and pricing begins at fifty dollars per guest. Since they take bookings, some days may be closed for the public, so you ought to check their calendar before going there.

Their juniors League racing is held each Saturday morning, and Adult races on Tuesday evenings. They also organize annual endurance races with teams of one to five drivers; it is a first to fife hundred-laps type of race. It is an awesome way of getting a feel for go-kart racing; taking part in races will be expensive, but that’s because racing is costly! It’s still less costly than racing in go-kart championships, which can charge you over 5000 dollars per season.

Note: All karting centers need you to sign a waiver or get it signed by the parents or guardian (if you are under eighteen). Make certain to put on closed-toed shoes, and follow other directions provided by your instructors on the trail.