Locate the top go-karts for racing when you’re at the Lake of the Ozarks. Karting is a family-fun sport and is ideal for most ages.

There are a lot of go-karts available at the Lake of the Ozarks! Try them out the next time you are there!

  • Miner Mike’s – Best
  • Winner’s Circle Go-Karts
  • Gran Rally Go Karts
  • Lemans Go-Karts

Fun Fact: Lake of the Ozarks wasn’t always there. Did you know it was a man-made creation?

Back in 1929, the lake was actually created by the Bagnell Dam’s completion. That created 54,000 acres of the lovely lake! At that time, it was the biggest man-made lake in the US!

Miner Mike’s Indoor Family Fun Center:


Hours are flexible and differ frequently! Please check the calendar for the latest hours!


  • Race Value Pack: 15 Rides: 150 dollars
  • 4 or more rides bought: 11 dollars per ride
  • Single and Double go karts: 12.50 dollars

Requirements To Race:

  • The driver has to be capable of reaching the pedals to operate the Go-Kart safely.
  • No loose articles in the kart, comprising wearing hats
  • Passenger has to be at least four years old and 36 inches tall to ride.
  • Have to be at least 48 inches tall and eight years of age or older to drive.
  • Hair longer than the shoulder has to be secured. It might comprise being in a ponytail and/or tucked into the shirt/collar.

Miner Mike’s; Indoor Family Fun Ozarks

Miner Mike’s is the top indoor karting trail in the Lake of the Ozarks. There’s more than just karts for having some fun with, and the indoor experience provides you with a break from the weather.

One of the advantages of electric go-karts is no exhaust!

No foul gasses fill up the air. Also, that denotes no oil, no refueling, just a fast battery charge, and off you go. You can have some fun at any of the other available indoor games they provide, comprising air hockey. The arcade has a lot of thrilling and fun games to play as well.

The Miner Maze is the contorted madness tube that challenges you to locate the way to the other side. The children love crawling around and going through the maze!

If you feel hungry, you’ll locate drinks and food at the Lon branch Saloon. There’s no outside drink or food permitted in the center.

Winner’s Circle Go-Karts:


  • Open Every day: 10:30 am to 10:30 pm


  • Single-Seater Go Kart: 12 dollars
  • Junior Karts: 10 dollars
  • Double Seater Go Kart: 15 dollars

Requirements To Race:

  • Double go-karts: The driver has to be twelve years old, and the passengers have to be four years old
  • Single Seater: Minimum Height 4′ 6″

Winners Circle Go-Karts; Go Karts Lake Of The Ozarks

Stroll across the parking lot from Gran Rally Go-Karts and check out Winner’s Circle Go-karts!

Winner’s circle is another awesome karting center in the lakes, featuring double, single, and children go-karts; there’s a kart for everybody.

Karting is a family sport and ought to be enjoyed by everybody! Remember always to have some fun. There’s always that one individual who gets upset that they lost. No one loses racing fun go-karts!

Gran Rally Go-Karts:


  • Sun to Sat: 10 am to 10 pm

Weather Permitting!


  • Double Seater Go Karts: 14 dollars
  • Single Seat Go Karts: 12 dollars

Gran Rally Go Karts; Go Karts At The Lakes

Another amazing karting facility in the Lake of the Ozarks is the Gran Rally Go Karts.

The trail is a winding road course with difficult corners to test the skills. The karts are created for family fun, not racing.

Racing karts are a lot faster and more challenging. It’s an awesome outdoor activity for keeping your children from staying at home.

Moreover, they have Putt-Putt and bumper cars! If you did not get a chance to wreck the buddy on the trail, then get in the bumper cars to get the job done.

Lemans Go-Karts:


  • Mon to Thu: 11:30am to 8:00pm
  • Fri to Sun: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm


The costs for the Lemans Go-Karts are reasonable!

  • Single Go Kart: 12 dollars
  • Jr. karts: 10 dollars
  • Double Go-kart: 15 dollars

Lemans Go-Karts; Go Karting In The Lake Of The Ozarks

Lemans karts is a karting trail in Lake of the Ozarks. It is a stunning escape from the everyday routine. Go and have a little fun at Lemans Go-Karts!

The trail is a 1/4-mile banked oval that curves through the onsite trees and provides a calm feel to the racing experience.

The karts are created for families. If you’re searching for racing go-karts, this might not be the place for you. But if you’re searching for a bit of family-fun or evening activity, it’s a fantastic place to be at!

At Lemans, they provide double, single, and child go-karts. It’s an advantage compared to racing go-kart trails. Racing go-kart trails frequently just have karts for adults to race.

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