Unleash the Speedster Within! Discover the 4 Best Go-Kart Tracks in Kansas City (KC) for Heart-Pounding Thrills.

From high-speed karting to exhilarating track experiences, find the perfect go-kart track for the ultimate racing adventure.

Get ready to satisfy your need for speed at these top-rated go-kart racing tracks in Kansas City!

Go-Karting As A Popular Activity In Kansas City:

Go-kart racing has emerged as a highly sought-after and well-liked activity in Kansas City, captivating the hearts of both visitors and locals.

With its mixture of excitement, skill, and speed, go-kart racing provides an exciting experience that appeals to individuals of all backgrounds and ages.

Whether it is the excitement of racing against family and friends or the chance to test one’s driving prowess, go-kart racing offers a memorable and unique adventure in the heart of Kansas City.

The city boasts a lively karting scene with state-of-the-art facilities, top-notch racetracks, and a thriving community of racing fans, making it a perfect destination for anybody looking for an adrenaline-fueled experience on the track.

Importance Of Choosing The Best Go-Kart Tracks For An Enjoyable Experience:

When it comes to go-kart racing, the selection of the track plays an important role in determining the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the experience.


Here are a few key reasons why choosing the top go-kart tracks is of utmost significance:


Choosing reputable and well-maintained go-kart tracks guarantees a safe environment for both spectators and drivers.

The top tracks prioritize safety measures like safety barriers, well-designed layouts, and strict adherence to safety protocols.

It offers peace of mind and permits people to concentrate on the excitement of racing without being anxious about potential hazards.

Amenities And Facilities:

Choosing the top go-kart tracks denotes access to top-notch amenities and facilities.

These tracks frequently offer comfortable seating areas for spectators, well-equipped pit areas, convenient on-site services, and modern and clean restrooms.

A well-designed center improves the overall experience, making the visit more fun for both racers and accompanying family members or friends.

Professional Staff:

Selecting reliable go-kart tracks ensures the presence of well-informed and skillful staff that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

They can offer safety briefings, instructions, and guidance, guaranteeing that drivers have a thorough comprehension of the track rules and regulations.

The staff’s support and expertise contribute to a more enjoyable and smoother racing experience.

Track Design:

The design and layout of the go-kart track impact the racing experience significantly.

The top tracks feature various elevation changes, straightaways, and challenging turns, providing a dynamic and exciting course for drivers to navigate.

A thoughtfully built track enhances the racing experience, permitting drivers to showcase their skills and enjoy the excitement of high-speed maneuvers.

Quality Go-Karts:

Best go-kart tracks invest in top-quality karts that offer a thrilling and smooth ride.

Well-maintained karts with proper safety features, reliable engines, and responsive steering contribute to a more competitive and enjoyable experience.

The top tracks frequently provide a variety of go-karts appropriate for diverse skill levels, ensuring everybody can locate the correct fit for their capabilities.

In brief, choosing the top go-kart racing tracks is important for a fun go-kart racing experience.

From ensuring safety and well-designed racetracks to offering top-notch facilities and best-quality go-karts, these tracks provide the perfect environment for adrenaline-pumping racing adventures.

By selecting wisely, go-kart fans can maximize their excitement and make lasting memories on the track.

Top 4 Go-Kart Tracks In Kansas City:

Here are the top 4 go-kart tracks In Kansas City you can explore for the premier go-kart racing experience:

  1. Paradise Park:


  • City: Lee’s Summit
  • State: Missouri
  • Karts: 3 Different Go-Karts
  • Track: 1000-foot-long road course
  • Food: Cafeteria

Hours & Contact:

  • Inquire at Track
  • Current Closed

Tel: 816-246-5224


  • 1 Race: 8.99 dollars

Website & Directions:

Paradise Park is a well-known place in Kansas City that provides an extensive range of recreational and entertainment activities, comprising a thrilling go-kart racing experience.

With its well-designed track, expansive facilities, family-friendly atmosphere, and quality go-karts, Paradise Park provides an unforgettable outing for families and individuals seeking adventure and fun.


This place boasts impressive amenities and facilities created to cater to the requirements and enjoyment of guests.

The park has clean restrooms, comfortable seating areas, and other conveniences for ensuring an enjoyable experience for spectators and participants alike.

Moreover, Paradise Park is recognized for its beautifully landscaped and well-maintained surroundings, creating an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere.

Claiming to be one of the top family-oriented spots in Kansas City, Paradise Park is an awesome place for a family outing.

They provide amazing attractions for adults, children, and people of all age groups. The attractions comprise go-karting, gem mining, miniature golf, escape rooms, rock wall, bumper cars, gaming rooms, and much more.

The center also permits you to hold group parties, private parties, field trips, team events, family functions, school trips, churches, and a lot of other types of events.

Race Track:

The track here at Paradise Park is prudently built to provide a safe and exhilarating go-kart racing experience.

The track layout includes challenging corners, straightaways, and thrilling curves, permitting racers to test their driving skills and enjoy the excitement of speed.

Safety measures, like guidelines and safety barriers, are in place for ensuring the well-being of racers.

The center has a thousand-foot-long road course that is adventurous and unique. The race track is family-friendly, denoting that it is fun for adults and kids.

Although it might not provide the most technically challenging go-karting experience, you are bound to race with a smile on your face.

The race track also has a safety barrier and light elevation changes, which significantly decreases the risk of injury.


The center has 3 types of go-karts accessible for rent. The adult go-karts are for adults and are built for full-sized racers who want to race at moderately higher speeds.

These go-karts are equipped with a strong steel frame which is really sturdy and protects the participants.

There are also the junior go-karts are smaller versions of the adult go-karts and are created for younger racers who are at least 36” tall.

Finally, 2-seaters which permit children to race along with their friends or parents who want to race together.

Food & Beverage:

Paradise Park comprehends the significance of dining options and provides various beverage and food options within the park.

Whether it is enjoying a meal or grabbing a quick snack, racers can refuel and satisfy their cravings at the on-site dining choices, which cater to diverse preferences and tastes.

Paradise Park has a big cafeteria where they provide a huge menu. Here, you will be capable of enjoying burgers, pizzas, kids’ meals, sandwiches, salads, snacks, desserts, and many hot and cold beverages.

  1. PowerPlay Entertainment Center:


  • City: Kansas City
  • State: Missouri
  • Requirements: 48″ in Height
  • Karts: 4 Different Go-Karts
  • Track: Concrete Race Track
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Food: Buffet

Hours & Contact:

  • Monday to Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday to Friday: 12 PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday to Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM

Tel: 816-268-4386


  • RT8 Karts: 19 dollars
  • Junior Karts: 14 dollars
  • GT5 Karts: 14 dollars
  • 2-Seater Karts: 19 dollars

Website & Directions:

PowerPlay Entertainment Center is the best destination in Kansas City that provides an extensive range of entertainment options, comprising a thrilling go-kart racing experience.

With its exciting race track, state-of-the-art facilities, numerous amenities, and high-performance go-karts, PowerPlay offers a memorable and enjoyable outing for families and individuals alike.


This center is built to cater to the preferences and requirements of the guests.

It boasts comfortable and spacious seating areas, modern and clean restrooms, and other amenities that guarantee an enjoyable and pleasant experience for spectators and participants.

Located on the well-known Barry Road of Kansas City, this center is the ultimate spot for holidays and for families seeking a fun-filled day out.

It’s an adventure hub for individuals of all age groups, as the center provides many fun-filled activities comprising batting cages, bowling, axe throwing, go-karting, arcade games, laser tag, roller coasters, ziplining, and much more.

You can also hold private parties, as well as corporate and group events here at PowerPlay Entertainment Center. They also provide special birthday packages and deals for numerous other occasions.

Race Track:

The center has a one-of-a-kind kart racetrack which has a unique layout. It has many turns and twists; however, it lacks numerous straight sections.

It can make it difficult to overtake, but at the same time can be an exciting experience for children. The racetrack is usually well-maintained and has a concrete surface.

There are also floodlights and safety barriers for additional safety. However, in the rainy season, when the racetrack is wet, the center tends to close the track to evade accidents.


This center provides top-quality karts that provide excitement, agility, and speed.

These karts are created for providing a responsive and thrilling driving experience, permitting racers to feel the adrenaline rush as they navigate the racetrack.

The karts are well-maintained and provide performance abilities appropriate for racers of diverse skill levels and ages.

The center has 4 types of go-karts accessible for racing. The RT8 are high-performance karts and are built for the more advanced drivers out there. These go-karts are powerful and need the driver to be at least 58” tall.

The Junior Racer karts are made accessible for children and young racing fans. Children have to be at least 48” tall to race with these go-karts.

The GT5 karts are also really powerful and have advanced racing and safety features. The racers of these go-karts have to be at least 56” tall and fourteen years old.

Finally, the 2-seater go-karts are for children who desire to race alongside their siblings or parents for some joyous family fun.

The passenger of these go-karts has to be at least 36” tall, and the driver has to be an adult.

Food & Beverage:

PowerPlay Entertainment Center comprehends the significance of refreshments and dining options throughout an outing.

The facility provides a variety of refreshments and dining options for satisfying cravings and keeping racers energized.

Whether it is enjoying a meal or grabbing a quick snack, guests can recharge and refuel at the on-site dining facilities.

  1. KC Raceway:


  • City: Independence
  • State: Missouri
  • Requirements: 13 Years
  • Karts: Oval Karts
  • Track: 1/5-Mile Oval Track
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Food: Cafeteria

Hours & Contact:

  • Inquire at Track

Tel: 816-825-8912


  • 25 Laps: 25 dollars

Website & Directions:

KC Raceway is a prominent karting destination situated in Kansas City, providing an exciting racing experience for people of all skill levels.

With its well-designed track, impressive facilities, commitment to safety, and high-quality go-karts, KC Raceway is a go-to spot for go-karting fans.


This facility prides itself on offering a top-notch center for go-kart racing fans. The center has well-maintained restrooms, comfortable seating areas for spectators, and ample parking space.

The objective is to create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for racers and their accompanying family members and friends.

Claiming to be the starter center for a lot of prominent names in go-kart racing, this place is the ultimate racing arena for dirt racing fans.

Located along the Industrial Drive of Missouri, the center has a highly professional staff, the latest go-kart racing equipment, and full-time go-kart fun for families and friends in the Kansas City Area.

Aside from arrive-and-drive go-kart racing, the center also offers motorcycle racing, micro racing, and racing classes for rookie and new drivers who desire to excel in this sport.

One unique feature of this place is that it is one of the few oval dirt racetracks that provide arrive-and-drive packages.

Race Track:

The track here at KC Raceway is thoughtfully created to provide a challenging and exhilarating racing experience. It has a dynamic layout with a combo of varying elevations, fast straightaways, and sharp turns. The track surfaces are well-maintained for ensuring optimal performance and grip for the go-karts.

Moreover, safety is the top priority here, with safety barriers and other essential precautions in place for protecting participants throughout their racing sessions.

The racetrack here is oval in shape and is about 1/5 mile long. The outdoor racetrack has a dirt surface which is amazing for oval go-karting.

It also denotes that you will learn how to overtake and drift in diverse scenarios. It provides a totally diverse go-kart racing experience compared to indoor karting!

Moreover, the track has an efficient lighting system that offers amazing visibility to participants throughout night events.


The center has gas-powered racing go-karts that aren’t just the ordinary go-kart you’ll find everywhere.

These are particularly built high-speed oval go-karts that can get to a speed of about fifty miles per hour. They’re quick off the mark and ideal for dirt racing!

The go-karts are equipped with safety features such as simply brake pedals, seat belts, and adjustable seats, which make them simple to utilize and are comfortable at the same time. Drivers have to be at least thirteen years old to race here.

Food & Beverage:

The center has a cafeteria where you can locate some amazing food options. Their variety ranges from burgers, pizzas, snacks, and sandwiches to an extensive range of drinks, like sodas and fresh juices.

It provides you with an amazing opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy the view on the oval track.

  1. Extreme Grand Prix:


  • City: Raytown
  • State: Missouri
  • Requirements: 52″ & 10 Years
  • Karts: Electric Karts
  • Track: 1/4-Mile Race Track
  • Type: Indoor
  • Food: Restaurant

Hours & Contact:

  • Monday: 2 PM to 9 PM
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday to Thursday: 2 PM to 9 PM
  • Friday: 12 PM to 11 PM
  • Saturday: 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM to 8 PM

Tel: 816-286-4156


  • 1 Race: 18.46 dollars
  • 2 Races: 33.23 dollars

Website & Directions:

Extreme Grand Prix is the best go-kart racing destination available in Kansas City that provides an exciting racing experience for both avid racers and casual drivers.

With its high-performance go-karts, well-designed track, state-of-the-art facilities, and a variety of amenities, Extreme Grand Prix promises a memorable adventure on the racetrack.


Situated in Raytown on Blue Ridge Boulevard, this place is one of the top go-kart racing centers accessible in Kansas City.

The center is a whole entertainment hub in itself as it provides a large range of entertainment and fun activities besides the excitement of go-karting.

They provide live event watch parties, arcade games, escape rooms, pool halls, bounce houses, racing leagues, team party rooms, and much more.

Blue Ridge Boulevard also has arrive-and-drive go-karting packages, and you can even hold corporate or group events, team-building activities, and private parties as well.

Race Track:

The center has a very entertaining and unique 1/4-mile track which is composed of various speeding straight sections and sharp turns that present exceptional overtaking opportunities.

These things make the track very challenging and fun to race on. The track’s layout is such that it actually suits participants of all experience levels.

You can simply race with your family and friends on this track. It also has a safety barrier on each side for ensuring all participants are safe throughout races.


This destination features a fleet of high-performance karts that provide precision and speed.

These karts are built to offer an adrenaline-fueled experience, with powerful engines and responsive handling.

The center has all-electric European-inspired karts that have high-end features.

With their high-powered engines, such go-karts are able to reach speeds of up to forty-five miles per hour, which is adequate to give you an adrenaline rush you will never forget.

Furthermore, the go-karts also have a lot of safety features that guarantee the driver’s safety in all conditions.

Produced by Electra Motorsports, these go-karts provide an awesome go-kart racing experience while keeping races safe!

Food & Beverage:

Extreme Grand Prix comprehends the rank of refueling during an exciting racing session. The center has a restaurant called Extreme Pit Stop Cafe.

They provide an extensive menu ranging from pizzas to snacks, finger foods, and a lot of diverse beverages. You can simply satisfy your hunger at the café while having an adventure-filled time with friends and family.


Kansas City provides an exciting go-kart racing experience with its top-notch race tracks. I have explored the 4 top go-kart race tracks in the city.

Every track provides high-performance go-karts, thrilling race tracks, unique features, and fantastic amenities for ensuring a memorable experience.

Whether you are a competitive racer, a speed fan, or a family looking for a fun outing, these kart tracks have something to provide for everybody.

From the straightaways and challenging turns to the adrenaline rush of the karts, these race tracks offer entertainment and excitement.

I encourage you to go to these go-kart race tracks in Kansas City and indulge in the excitement of go-kart racing. Strap in, feel the speed rush and experience the joy of racing against family or friends.

So do not wait any longer; plan your visit now and make lasting memories at these excellent go-kart tracks in Kansas City.

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