Searching for a place to celebrate the child’s Birthday? Or perhaps you desire to challenge your friends to the mini F1 race? Check out Go-Karting; it’ll be an amazing experience you will always remember. There are two Go-Karting centers available in Virginia Beach and one in Portsmouth; all have their exclusive features.

Common Rules To Follow:

Is it your first-time Go-Karting? There are some common rules across all the centers:

  • To be capable of racing, you have to sign a waiver or get it signed by a guardian if you are under eighteen.
  • If you have long hair, then your hair needs to be pulled back in a bun or ponytail.
  • You have to wear closed-toe shoes while driving.

Aside from these rules, each karting facility has its own set of rules for minimum height needs; a few also have a minimum age need (we’ve included the minimum needs of all the facilities in the below list, please check the needs before going).

And that is all! You don’t need to have your own helmets, or go-karts, or any safety gear. The center gives it all; you can just arrive and drive.

The center provides everything you need, so you can simply arrive and drive. If you’re looking for more exciting go-karting experiences, consider exploring the Go karts options available in Massachusetts or Southern California.

These destinations offer thrilling tracks and unforgettable racing experiences. Get ready to have a blast on the go-karting circuits of Massachusetts or Southern California!

The Best Go-Kart Racing Tracks In Virginia Beach:

Here are a few of the best places to go Go-karting near you!

Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach:

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 58 inches and over sixteen years old

Pricing (Adults):

  • 1 Race 25 dollars

Please go to their Website for new opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

Albeit they provide Go-Karting, this place is much more than just go-karting. They’ve Bowling, Laser Tags, Bumper cars, Rope courses, and much more. They have bumper cars for children above 44 inches, but their Karts are just for adults.

The go-Karts are all-electric and can get to as high as forty-five mph. The electric go-karts frequently have a lot of speed off the bat, so if you are somebody who likes a great take-off, then Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach is the place to go to.

What Are People Saying About Apex Entertainment?

Justin Carpenter (Google Review): I had an awesome time celebrating my birthday here. There’s a lot to do, including bowling, mini-golf, and go-kart racing, and a lot more. While bowling, we ordered drinks and food. The pizza was perfect and tasted delicious, as well as the mozzarella sticks and buffalo chicken strips. Overall, an amazing experience for my 1st time visiting.

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Motor World:

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 36 inches (battery-powered go-karts for three-year-olds)
  • 58 inches (Adults)
  • 42 inches (Juniors)

Pricing (Adults):

  • 1 Race 10 dollars
  • 3 Hours Unlimited – 70 dollars (for anybody above 48 inches)
  • 3 Hours Unlimited – 30 dollars (for anybody below 48 inches)
  • 5 Races for 45 dollars
  • 3 Laps for 11.00 dollars (on Road Racer 1/2 Mile Track)

Please go to their official site for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Booking.

The Motor World in Virginia Beach is full of go-karts and trails. They have as many as eleven trails and 250 go-karts! That’s a lot to pick from. Check all their Karts and tracks on their official website.

The great thing about this facility is that they provide tracks and karts for nearly all ages, from three-year-olds to Karting professionals, with the adult karts able to reach forty mph. Aside from Karting, they also have mini-golf and paintball courses. Overall, this place is certainly worth contemplating if you want to have a fun day out with your children.

What Are People Saying About Motor World?

Justin Carpenter (Google Review): A friend desired to try it out as a group and have just a little fun. The diverse trails had numerous levels accessible for all ages, and there was sufficient staff to do the majority of things.

The top option we had as all adults was the Euro trail as it was the most speed at around twenty to thirty mph and an amazing course. The rest were pegged for more family-friendly choices and had pretty decent karts/tracks.

The mini-golf we did not get a chance to play but looked like an awesome plan of keeping older children and younger all alike amused. Not a bad place to relax with friends or family, but it’ll cost you some good cash relying on the choices. Cheers!

LeMans Karting – Portsmouth:

Get Direction:

Minimum Requirement:

  • 60 inches and with a government-issued driver’s license (Adult Karts)
  • 48 inches and a minimum of 8 years old (Junior Karts)
  • (eleven years old or above can get in the adult go-karts but have to complete JR Driver Training)

Pricing (Adults):

  • 1 Race: 25 dollars
  • 3 Races: 50 dollars
  • 2 Races: 45 dollars

Pricing (Juniors):

  • 1 Race: 12 dollars
  • 2 Races:24 dollars
  • 3 Races: 30 dollars

Please go to their Website for the latest opening hours, pricing, and Online Bookings.

This facility is situated in Portsmouth, a short drive from Norfolk. This place is the best indoor racing trail near you. They have tracks and karts for drivers of all diverse skill levels. Their go-karts are all gas-powered and can reach as high as fifty-two mph! They have three trails (courses) for you to pick from.

The beginner’s course is mostly simple with wide turns; their Mega Track and intermediate courses are full of sharp turns and will test the skills. Overall, you would definitely not regret going to LeMans karting.

What Are People Saying About LeMans Karting?

TP (Google Review): This center is amazing! These karts are super-fast, like legitimately fast. I had a lot of fun. I have been to the autobahn go-kart trails, and it was much more fun. My legs, arms, and hands have been sore for two days, and they will still be sore tomorrow.

The staff does an awesome job, and I denote that for everybody I came across from the counter to the trail. The races run really efficiently. We made reservations for twelve on a Saturday. We stayed till about 2:30. After coming back home, we decided to return at 7:30 to race the mega trail, and we stayed until close. We live thirty minutes away. I am happy I found this facility.

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